Over the past week, it's become public knowledge that Julian Edelman just might be the biggest Tom Brady fan alive.

During a radio interview on Tuesday, former Patriots receiver Wes Welker was asked about the relationship between Edelman and Brady. Specifically, Welker was asked if Edelman looks up to Brady.

"Uh, yeah," Welker told CBS Sports Radio WBZ in Boston. "I mean, it's a little too obvious. ... I think it's been noticed."

Welker, Edelman and Brady were all teammates for four years in New England, so Welker probably knows what he's talking about.

If you follow Edelman on Instagram, you've probably noticed that he loves to associate with Brady, even if Brady's not necessarily associating with him. After Brady tried to lure Kevin Durant to the Celtics, Edelman went on Instagram a day later and posted a picture of himself in a Celtics jersey.

Also, we probably shouldn't forget about Edelman's branding. The wide receiver used a "JE11" logo, which he just happened to release shortly after Brady came out with his TB12 logo.

"It's like going and getting Advil, and then there's like the Walgreen's prescription next to it," Welker said of the Brady's brand vs. Edelman's brand.

That brings us to Rob Gronkowski.

After Brady was photographed with Justin Timberlake at UFC 200, Edelman went on Instagram the next day and Photoshopped himself into the picture.

good times with good friends thanks for the invite and the hat @justintimberlake #tb12 #ufc200

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Yes, that's a nice photoshop job, but it also proves Welker's point that "Brand Edelman" is tied to "Brand Brady," even if Brady isn't quite aware of that.

Gronk has clearly noticed what's going on between Edelman and Brady though, so he decided to leave a colorful comment on Edelman's photo.

Gronk left a colorful comment on Julian Edelman's Instagram page. Instagram/edelman11


If you can't read it, Gronk's comment says, "How many TDs would I have if I **** Brady like you?"

Those asterisks were put there by Gronk, so we'll let you figure what they mean.

Anyway, if Edelman wants more passes than Gronk this year, he might want to start sucking up to Jimmy Garoppolo, because Brady's going to be spending the first four weeks of the season on the sideline.

Edelman should start by Photoshopping himself into the picture below. He might want to make try and look like Lex Luthor though, because Garoppolo is dressed as Clark Kent.

Thank you everyone for the bday wishes! Had a great time celebrating with these fools #ClarkKent

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