Justin Casterline / Contributor

The Raiders and Seahawks went to the wire on Sunday, with Las Vegas pulling out a 40-34 victory in overtime. But the game might not have been nearly as tight had officials spotted a blatant penalty on the first offensive play of the day. Just five seconds into the first quarter, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was intercepted by Quandre Diggs, who returned the ball 24 yards to Las Vegas' 12-yard line, setting up an instant scoring drive for the visitors. Unbeknownst to the referees, Diggs got a boost from a literal 12th man, as linebacker Darrell Taylor ran onto the field from the sidelines and started blocking on the return.

Taylor, No. 52, can clearly be seen alongside coaches and teammates on the sidelines in footage of the play. Once Diggs lays out for the interception, however, Taylor sprints onto the field of play and moves with the rest of the defense into Raiders territory, briefly joining cornerback Tariq Woolen in a block on Las Vegas wideout Mack Hollins. Officials evidently did not notice, as Taylor was not flagged, and Seattle proceeded to kick off a two-play scoring drive afterward.

It's unclear whether Taylor's infraction, if noticed, would've completely erased the turnover or simply reduced Diggs' return yardage, seeing as he entered the field after the pick. It's also unclear whether Taylor actually intended to join the on-field action; he may have run onto the field to join teammates in celebration, thinking Diggs was down by contact when he hit the ground while making the pick, and then got caught up in the downfield push, engaging Hollins in a half-hearted block.

Regardless, the replay official should've identified the penalty while giving the turnover its automatic review, per ProFootballTalk, especially because 12 players on the field is a penalty that can be enforced after the fact.

The Raiders, at least, got the last laugh with the OT victory.