The Rams secured their second championship in franchise history back in February when they defeated the Bengals in Super Bowl LVI. The catalyst for the team's entire run was the acquisition of star quarterback Matthew Stafford, who they got from the Lions during the previous offseason.

In a profile for ESPN, Rams head coach Sean McVay revealed some details regarding a FaceTime call to the front office that offseason in which he pushed the leaders of the franchise to make a trade for the All-Pro quarterback.

McVay prefaced the retelling of the story by explaining to ESPN he was "a few tequilas in" and in the middle of a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico when he called the front office -- after running into Stafford, who was also on vacation there.

Here's how the conversation went, according to McVay:

"Here's the f---ing deal, OK? We can sit here and exist, and be OK winning nine to 11 games, and losing in the f---ing divisional round and feel like, 'Oh, everything's OK.' Or, we could let our motherf---ing n--s hang, and go trade for this f---ing quarterback, and give ourselves a chance to go win a f---ing world championship. You ready to f---ing do this or what?"

After speaking to Stafford in Mexico, McVay knew that the star signal caller wanted out of Detroit. That pushed him to approach the Rams front office about making a move.

This all took place just days after the Rams fell to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional Round of the 2020 postseason. A short time after the call, in Jan. 2021, the Rams acquired Stafford in exchange for quarterback Jared Goff, two first round picks and a third round pick.

As a result of that conversation, the Rams now have a Super Bowl title under their belts during McVay's tenure. Los Angeles returns the majority of its Super Bowl-winning roster in 2022 as the franchise attempts to make another playoff run.