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Another epic halftime performance has come and gone. Rihanna took the stage at halftime of Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, giving a memorable performance. It was a brilliant combination of hits, surprises and the show included both slower dramatic songs that crescendoed into her uptempo hits.

Rihanna opened with "Bitch Better Have My Money," a pick that honestly surprised me and from what I was seeing on Twitter surprised, but delighted, many. Coming out with such a statement set the tone for the rest of the performance.

Following the performance, Rihanna's representatives confirmed the singer is pregnant, which only makes the performance even that much more impressive. At first, it seemed like Rihanna did not bring any special guests or "surprises" to the performance, but after it was confirmed that she is pregnant, her previous comments that she was "thinking about bringing someone" with her makes more sense.

Rihanna came out in an all red outfit that stood out in the sea of dancers in white attire. She did not have as many outfit changes as I imagined she would, but the addition of the dramatic red coat at the end perfectly fit the vibe of the song and was what the moment asked for. 

Instead of a solid stage, she went bigger, with multiple floating stages. I liked that not only was she on a floating stage, but the stage moved and different levels were formed. 

Some of the lighting effects were far from revolutionary, but even just the flashing lights as she walked down a stage made up of dancers had the dramatic effect needed. The visual of "Diamonds" at the end, with the entire crowd lit up, was the perfect way to end the show. The event was capped off with fireworks that could be seen from the open roof. 

Part of me was surprised Rihanna did not bring out any guests, but when I really think about her star power standing there alone, I realize it was the independent move reminiscent of what the rest of her career until this point has been. Ahead of the Super Bowl, Rihanna put an emphasis on being the representation for Black women and immigrants. Putting on that show alone echoed her sentiments about representing for her communities, proving that she does not need any assistance to give a memorable performance. While I would have loved to see someone like Jay-Z make an appearance, it was more impactful that she took the stage alone. 

Rihanna has not performed in many years and commented that the stamina needed to get back on the stage, especially after having her baby in May of 2022, was a lot. Not to mention the news that she is currently expecting a child. She was able to bring the classic Rihanna facial expressions and dance moves as the large group of dancers behind her amplified the performance. 

The superstar singer made it clear she wanted to enjoy the performance, saying she wanted to have fun with it, and you could see in her face as the music and lights dimmed she was taking it all in.

She had an impressive setlist with 12 songs and it is one we know she worked meticulously on. Ahead of the game, Rihanna said she had 39 versions of the setlist and admitted that fitting over a decade of music into just 13 minutes was no easy feat.

There were some major hits left off the list, but considering she has 14 No. 1s and 31 songs in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, there were bound to be some favorites getting the boot. 

Here is a look at the songs that made the final cut:

  • Bitch Better Have My Money
  • Where Have You Been 
  • Only Girl (In The World)
  • We Found Love 
  • Rude Boy
  • Work 
  • Wild Thoughts
  • Pour It Up 
  • All of the Lights
  • Run This Town 
  • Umbrella 
  • Diamond

Rihanna left her fans happy with a very memorable Super Bowl halftime show.