The Browns might have grabbed their quarterback of the future in the NFL Draft, but that didn't help their Super Bowl odds for the 2018 season. As a matter of fact, Cleveland's odds actually got worse.  

The Browns were one of several teams that saw their Super Bowl odds take a dramatic tumble following the conclusion of the draft. Oddsmakers clearly weren't impressed with anything the Browns did over the weekend, because Cleveland is now a 100-to-1 longshot to win the Super Bowl.  Back in March, the Browns' odds were at 66-to-1. The Bills were the only other team to see their odds crash like that: Buffalo fell from 66-to-1 Super Bowl odds in March to 100-to-1 odds on May 1. 

The oddsmakers seemed to have something against the four teams that selected a quarterback in the top 10. Not only did the Bills and Browns see their odds take a nosedive, but the Cardinals (Josh Rosen) and Jets (Sam Darnold) also saw their odds tumble. 

The most surprising drop probably goes to the Giants. Even though they went all-in to help an aging Eli Manning win one more Super Bowl by drafting Saquon Barkley in the first round, their odds still dropped from 50-to-1 in March to 75-to-1 after the draft, which was one of the biggest drops of any NFC team. From a statistical standpoint, the Jaguars had the biggest odds drop of any AFC team (going from 22-to-1 in March to 35-to-1 in May) and the Falcons had the biggest statisical drop of any NFC team. 

One team that drafted a quarterback and actually saw their odds improve was the Ravens. After taking Lamar Jackson in the first round, the Ravens saw their odds jump up from 50-to-1 to 40-to-1. The Ravens were one of only seven teams that saw a post-draft improvement. 

Of course, as much as things change, they also stay the same. Despite the fact that Tom Brady keeps hinting that he might be unhappy in New England, the Patriots are still the Super Bowl favorites. 

Here are the odds for every team (odds from March 22 also listed). 

Super Bowl 53 odds as of May 1

1. Patriots: 5-to-1
2. Eagles: 8-to-1 (Previous odds: 17-to-2)
3. Rams: 9-to-1 (Previous odds: 14-to-1)
4. Vikings: 12-to-1 (Previous odds: 9-to-1)
5. Steelers: 10-to-1 (Previous odds: 12-to-1)
6. Packers: 12-to-1 (Previous odds: 14-to-1)
7. 49ers: 15-to-1 (Previous odds: 14-to-1)
8. Saints: 22-to-1 (Previous odds: 18-to-1)
9. Texans: 25-to-1  (Previous odds: 22-to-1)
T-10. Falcons: 30-to-1 (Previous odds: 20-to-1)
T-10. Raiders: 30-to-1 (Previous odds: 22-to-1)
T-10. Broncos: 30-to-1 (Previous odds: 25-to-1)
T-10. Seahawks: 30-to-1 (Previous odds: 25-to-1)
T-10. Cowboys: 30-to-1  (Previous odds: 28-to-1)
T-15. Jaguars: 35-to-1 (Previous odds: 22-to-1)
T-15.Chargers: 35-to-1 (Previous odds: 33-to-1) 
T-15. Panthers: 35-to-1 (Previous odds: 33-to-1)
T-18. Chiefs: 40-to-1 (Previous odds: 33-to-1)
T-18. Colts: 40-to-1 (Previous odds: 60-to-1)
T-18. Ravens: 40-to-1 (Previous odds: 50-to-1)
21. Titans: 45-to-1 (Previous odds: 50-to-1)
22. Lions: 60-to-1 (Previous odds: 50-to-1)
23. Buccaneers: 65-to-1 (Previous odds: 50-to-1)
24. Giants: 75-to-1 (Previous odds: 50-to-1)
T-25. Redskins: 80-to-1 (Previous odds: 66-to-1)
T-25. Cardinals: 80-to-1 (Previous odds: 66-to-1)
T-27. Bills: 100-to-1 Previous odds: 66-to-1)
T-27. Browns: 100-to-1 (Previous odds: 66-to-1)
T-27. Dolphins: 100-to-1 (Previous odds: 70-to-1)
T-27. Bears: 100-to-1 (Previous odds: 80-to-1)
T-27. Bengals: 100-to-1 (Previous odds: 90-to-1)
T-27. Jets: 100-to-1 

Note: If a team's previous odds aren't listed, that means their odds haven't changed since Feb. 5. 

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