Since it's starting to look like Tom Brady won't be attending voluntary workouts in New England this offseason, he's going to have some extra time on his hands, and it appears he's going to fill that extra time by tweeting. 

After spending several years on both Facebook and Instagram, the Patriots quarterback finally joined Twitter on Monday and he got things started by sending out the perfect first tweet.

Brady joining Twitter on April Fool's Day and then sending out a retirement tweet might be the most peak April Fool's Day thing that has ever happened on Twitter. 

Some fans, who clearly weren't paying very close attention to the calendar, were a little worried after they saw Brady's tweet. 

The Patriots didn't really seem too amused, either. 

You can't really blame the Patriots for being a little antsy and that's because they just watched their star tight end abruptly announce his retirement on social media. 

Of course, Brady isn't actually retiring and we know that because he admitted that his tweet was a joke, which came as good news for anyone out there who thought that maybe it wasn't a joke. 

For those scoring at home, Brady is now a triple-threat on social media. The Patriots quarterback joined Facebook in 2013. He followed that up in January 2017 by joining Instagram, and now, he has a Twitter account, which means we're probably only three years away from seeing him joining Tumblr and/or Pinterest.  

One thing Brady will notice about Twitter is that it's slightly different than both Facebook and Instagram. Donte Stallworth, who played with Brady in 2012, gave his former teammate a heads up on what Twitter is like. 

Anyway, in the two hours since sending his tweet, Brady has amassed nearly 100,000 followers. On the flip side, Brady isn't yet following anyone on Twitter, but that could change if he reads the plea below from Golden Tate