The beginning of a new NHL season not only means that you'll have to keep an eye out for new, breakout players and emerging storylines, but it also means you'll be served with some new looks across the league. There are plenty of new uniforms that will be making their way into the NHL scene this year, and there are also plenty of older looks that will be making a comeback after some time on the shelf. 

Let's take a look at what changes, if any, all 31 teams are bringing in the fashion department this season.

Anaheim Ducks

New Thirds: The Ducks are abandoning their anniversary Mighty Ducks thirds to go back to these orange alternates that they first debuted in 2016-2016. Not only are they not very good, they're also not even really new or exciting. Grade: C-

Arizona Coyotes

No changes planned for the Coyotes this season but they're bringing back the Kachina alternates and that's all that matters.

Boston Bruins

New thirds: The Bruins are expected to unveil new thirds this season and those uniforms leaked over the summer. It's yet another black alternate and this one is quite simple and basic. The throwback 'B' logo is similar to the one from Boston's 2019 Winter Classic jersey but the jersey design is far more boring. Boston just needs to stop messing around and just embrace the '80s throwback already. Grade: C-

Buffalo Sabres

New anniversary jersey: The Sabres are celebrating their 50th anniversary this season with a special alternate jersey that incorporates plenty of gold. Between the gold trim and the white gloves, it's hard not to get some Vegas Golden Knights vibes from this new look. But overall, it's a pretty solid one-year special. More importantly, they'll be back on this list next year when they change back to royal blue full-time. Grade: B+

Calgary Flames

New Heritage jerseys: The Flames have been slowly favoring their '80s throwbacks over the past year or so, even choosing to wear their red throwback thirds as their home playoff jersey this past spring. They're now preparing to roll out a white version for the Heritage Classic this season, and it's gorgeous. Just a perfectly crisp and clean uniform that utilizes the team's color scheme so well. It's a shame that they're not going to be wearing it a ton this season, but luckily they're looking to move to the retro style full-time in the near future. Grade: A+

Carolina Hurricanes

New road jerseys: The Hurricanes surprised many of us with the new road uniforms they unveiled this summer. They decided to abandon the primary logo on the front of the jersey, instead going with a diagonal 'CANES' wordmark across the front. Some people think it's too reminiscent of the New York Rangers (who, by the way, did NOT invent diagonal lettering) or a high school jersey, but it's clean and brings a little more personality than what Carolina has been wearing on the road for the past few seasons. For a team that's stepping into a new, more fun identity with the goal of separating from the stale, it's an upgrade. Grade: B

Chicago Blackhawks

New primary uniforms: They changed the collars, but the collars are still bad. Get rid of the white collar on the home jersey, you fools. Grade: D

Colorado Avalanche

No changes yet but they're going to get a new uniform for their 2020 Stadium Series game at the Air Force Academy.

Columbus Blue Jackets

No changes.

Dallas Stars

No changes but will get a new uniform for the 2020 Winter Classic at the Cotton Bowl. 

Detroit Red Wings

They're expected to get new third jerseys this season but I remain of the opinion that they should simply wear their white primaries ALL the time. 

Edmonton Oilers

New thirds: The Oilers went with a "street-inspired" alternate uniform this season that is supposed to be modern and hip. They remove all white accents to go with a two-tone uniform that features orange on navy. They sort of remind me of the Team North America jerseys from the World Cup of Hockey, and they also sort of remind me of an NFL Color Rush jersey. They're not terrible but also not very exciting, and fake laces are lame. Also, the Oilers had one of the best three-jersey sets in the league a few years ago so I'll always be salty that they moved away from the vibrant blue and orange for this dulled down color scheme. Grade: C+

Florida Panthers

They're expected to unveil a third jersey this season. A navy jersey seems likely but one can only hope they go with a Vice look.

Los Angeles Kings

Stadium Series: The Kings will face off against the Avs in the 2020 Stadium Series game at Air Force Academy, so they'll be getting a special jersey for the occasion.

New throwback alternates: The Kings are also bringing back the '90s era white uniforms that are most associated with Wayne Gretzky's days in LA. This comes as very welcome news, as this look is clean and classic and the logo/jersey is far better than what the Kings are touting these days. Unfortunately, they're only being worn for a couple of games, but the revival is still much appreciated. Grade: A

Minnesota Wild

The Wild are expected to get a third jersey this season.

Montreal Canadiens

No changes coming to the Habs' uniforms this season.

Nashville Predators

The Preds are getting a third jersey at some point this year. Will it be navy?

New Jersey Devils

No changes anticipated for New Jersey's scheme this year.

New York Islanders

Nothing new for the Isles this year. Bring back the Fisherman, you cowards.

New York Rangers

A new Rangers third jersey has been rumored but not confirmed. If they roll with one...Lady Liberty or we riot. 

Ottawa Senators

The Sens are getting a third jersey this season. Will they finally do something right?

Philadelphia Flyers

No changes expected for Philly.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Penguins remain status quo on the fashion front. 

San Jose Sharks

The Sharks are standing pat on their uniforms this year, which is disappointing because they should be going back to the teal and silver at some point. That being said, San Jose is using some neat jersey concepts from local designers for fan giveaways this season.

St. Louis Blues

New throwback alternates: The Kings aren't the only team bringing back Gretzky era throwbacks this season. The Blues are also jumping on board and reviving the blue, yellow and red throwbacks from The Great One's few months in St. Louis. This uniform comes dangerously close to landing in the "so bad it's actually good" category and it's cool the Blues are riding the nostalgia wave a few times this year. Grade: B

Tampa Bay Lightning

The good news: Tampa won't be unveiling any new thirds this year. The bad news: That means we're probably stuck with those horrible black alternates. 

Toronto Maple Leafs

Nothing new for the Leafs this year.

Vancouver Canucks

New primary uniforms: The Canucks have made changes to both their primary home and away uniforms, though they're subtle enough that you might miss them. The uniforms have been simplified, as they strip the jersey of the "VANCOUVER" workmark and simply go with the logo across the front. There are also new, white shoulder patches. It makes the jerseys a little less busy and, in my opinion, deliver a slightly cleaner upgrade. Grade: B

New thirds: The Canucks also introduced a new third jersey that serves as a hybrid of two prior uniforms worn by the team. It fuses their original 1970 look with the third jersey that they introduced in 2008 and wore for nearly a decade. It's a cool idea but I think the execution is lacking a little bit. It seems like it could really benefit from some white accents in the striping along the sleeves and waist to make it pop more. Grade: C+

New throwback alternate: To round out an entire new set for the Canucks, they're bringing back the "Flying Skate" jersey for some select games this season. They actually announced the revival before last season and had the audacity to make us sit around for a year, but it'll likely be worth the wait as it's one of the best throwbacks in hockey. Here's the mandatory "Hey, did you know the logo is supposed to resemble a skate?" comment. Grade: A

Vegas Golden Knights

The Knights are reportedly planning on unveiling their first-ever alternate uniform this year. It's allegedly going to be gold, and it's probably going to be wild. 

Washington Capitals

No changes for the Caps.

Winnipeg Jets

New Heritage jerseys: The Jets will be facing off against the Flames in the Heritage Classic this year and they'll be wearing special uniforms for the occasion. Those unis give a nod to the original Winnipeg Jets look but bring some modern touches, like the current Jets' navy replacing the older, brighter blue. Navy also replaces the white background in the throwback logo. It's basically an alternate version of the Jets' prior white Heritage jerseys, and that's not a bad thing. Very clean and classic look with a bit of personalized touch for the new era. Unfortunately, the Flames' jersey still blows theirs out of the water. Grade: A-