Let's dispel with this fiction that the Flyers don't know what they're doing with their new mascot, Gritty. They know exactly what they're doing. It has literally been about three days since Gritty was unveiled, and it already feels like an eternity. He's been all over the place, his Twitter feed is the work of a maniac, and his work ethic is somehow unrelenting.

The horrifying mascot took a "quick business trip" to see Jimmy Fallon in New York. The excursion involved cramming Gritty into a very small helicopter.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone was thrilled to see the NHL's newest menace, as Ricky Gervais had a problem with Gritty interrupting his Boyz II Men dance party with Fallon. Guess what song they were listening to.

Gervais' reaction is warranted here, but apparently it's all love now.

Gritty was all too excited to tell Fallon how much he loves his work, but he can't seem to name a lot of it.

The mascot is actually everywhere. He was also present for the Flyers game against the Rangers on Thursday, where he wreaked havoc on the intermission goalie race by laying people right out...

... and poured popcorn on a fan, just to show he can.

As a result, Gritty needs some protection. Or everyone else needs protection from him.

Gritty's popcorn work still needs some fine-tuning. Benny's been doing this since Gritty was an extra on "Boobah."

Keep in mind, it's been somewhere in the vicinity of 72 hours since Gritty was unleashed upon this poor, unsuspecting Earth. 

Once the season kicks into gear, he might not have time to make talk show appearances. But something tells me he'll garner plenty of attention when the puck drops for the Flyers for real.