We know the rumors are flowing and will continue to do so until the NHL’s trade deadline arrives March 1.

Whether you’re lost in the shuffle of speculation or trying to pinpoint which teams are eyeing which players, be sure that there is talent to be had -- at least as long as names being tossed around are, you know, actually on the market.

So with the playoff picture slowly taking more shape and teams other than -- wait for it -- the Colorado Avalanche realizing they might benefit from a deadline auction, here’s a look at the top 10 players said to be up for grabs as trade targets:

1. Matt Duchene, Colorado Avalanche

Colorado’s Matt Duchene is arguably the hottest name to be floated in NHL trade rumors this season. USATSI  

What an overnight transition it would be for Duchene, 26, to go from the NHL’s cellar dweller to, say, the Pittsburgh Penguins. He’s young but thoroughly established as a star scorer for an otherwise helpless team, so of course he’s an attractive target. His marketability is so grand that an in-season move will -- or at least should -- draw a boatload of compensation.

2. Kevin Shattenkirk, St. Louis Blues

If St. Louis manages to hang onto Shattenkirk as it rides a hot streak in hopes of a playoff run, fans would be justified in affording this team a heavenly moniker. “Saint Blues,” maybe. The defenseman is set to hit free agency after the season, but Shattenkirk should be worth every bit as much as Duchene. He’s a premier puck mover and on pace for a career-high points total.

3. Martin Hanzal, Arizona Coyotes

One of several notable Coyotes possibly on the trading block, Martin Hanzal is a name to watch. USATSI  

His cap hit is about half that of Duchene, but aside from the financial side of things, Hanzal has been a hot shooter lately. It’s probably a little much to expect him to duplicate his career season time and again, but you’re getting solid offensive power and a lot of experience with this 6-foot-6 center.

4. Gabriel Landeskog, Colorado Avalanche

His value seems to be higher than ever. But as CSN’s DJ Bean points out, some caution should be taken when labeling a guy whose scoring numbers have trended downward for three years as a “franchise” target. And yet that doesn’t mean the Avalanche’s other big for-sale star not named Duchene isn’t worth a serious look-see for a team in search of a left wing boost.

5. Ben Bishop, Tampa Bay Lightning

Lightning goalie Ben Bishop offers playoff experience as teams look to dip into the market for help. USATSI  

He’s a top-line goalie with a track record including postseason experience under his belt. But he also has a sizable cap hit. If someone wants to lure him out of Tampa early, they’ll have to pay a price.

6. Radim Vrbata, Arizona Coyotes

Yes, he’s 35 and very clearly a rental who offers short-term assistance. But you’re also getting an inexpensive right wing who is putting together a rock-solid performance alongside Hanzal. His scoring -- 38 points through 55 games -- has to be attractive to somebody, especially at the cost of $1 million.

7. Thomas Vanek, Detroit Red Wings

It’s understandable some are hesitant to identify Vanek as an impact trade target. His 2015-16 stumble with the Minnesota Wild is still fresh, and he’s streaky. You also cannot ignore that he has been a productive forward for Detroit, with a team-high 14 goals, and makes sense as a veteran contributor.

8. Marc-Andre Fleury, Pittsburgh Penguins

With Matt Murray’s rise, Marc-Andre Fleury could be one of the most notable players on the move. USATSI

Putting his contract aside, Fleury deserves attention. He has a stellar resume. And while injuries and age are concerns, now might be the ideal time to deal for his services, not only because Matt Murray has stolen the show in Pittsburgh, but also because Fluery remains more than competent as a regular in the net.

9. Michael Stone, Arizona Coyotes

While Stone is not a model of consistency, mostly because of injury concerns, he’s still a young gun with a reputation for edgy defense and a good shot. That has to be worth something. Update: The Calgary Flames announced this week that they have acquired Stone from Arizona for two future draft picks.

10. Patrick Eaves, Dallas Stars

Here’s an intriguing one. At 32, he’s having a big season on the way to free agency, giving the Stars a surprise trade chip. Take his hot scoring, throw it on a contender’s line and the results could be fun to watch.