Sure, professional wrestling is predetermined. It is also dangerous -- especially when a human being flies 20 feet in the air straight down onto a table. On Sunday night at Hell in a Cell in Detroit, that human being was Shane McMahon, son of WWE chairman Vince McMahon, who was facing Kevin Owens in the main event.

Owens and the younger McMahon have been feuding for months, and Sunday's Hell in a Cell match was the culmination of that rivalry. Just as it looked as McMahon had Owens beat after Owens fell from the side of the cell through a table, he decided to continue the punishment. McMahon placed Owens on a second table, climbed the entire 20-foot-high structure and leaped off the top.

It was truly a spectacle and a moment that will be remembered for decades. Take a look.

WWE used McMahon's jump as an opportunity to start a new angle with Owens as his one-time best friend Sami Zayn actually saved Owens by pulling him off the table. The two have been feuding for years throughout various promotions and during their time in both NXT and WWE, so this was certainly a strange turn of events and potentially a full heel turn for Zayn himself.

Owens wound up getting the 1-2-3 in the falls count anywhere match as McMahon got rolled to the back and gave the crowd a thumbs up to indicate he's OK.