AAF being sued by man who claims start-up league was his idea; AAF says claim is 'without merit'

The Alliance of American Football is being sued by a man claiming the start-up pro football spring league was his idea. Robert Vanech, CFO and Head of Revenue at Trebel Music, claims in the suit that he is entitled to 50 percent of the AAF's ownership and that many of the ideas put into place by AAF co-founder Bill Polian were his. 

The details of the suit can be found here, but are summed up more succinctly by a series of tweets by Darren Rovell. 

In response to the suit, the AAF issued the following statement: 

"Mr. Vanech's claim is without merit. There was never any agreement, oral or written, between Mr. Vanech and Mr. Ebersol relating to The Alliance. We remain focused solely on our historic, inaugural season when each weekend over 400 players get an opportunity to showcase their talents and fulfill their dreams of playing professional football." 

Last Tuesday, the AAF announced a $250 million investment from Carolina Hurricanes owner/CEO Tom Dundon to keep the company funded for the foreseeable future. Dundon will be the chair of the league's Board of Directors. The investment was announced amid a report that the Alliance was low on cash and unable to make payroll. An AAF spokesperson told CBS Sports that the issue was caused by switching payroll services and was unrelated to the investment made by Dundon. 

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