Presidents Day may be over, but there's still (limited!) time to shop NordicTrack's Presidents' Day sale. This sale is your opportunity to save big on one of our favorite brands for home gym exercise equipment. With deep discounts across many of the brand's best products, you can save hundreds on best-in-class treadmills, stationary bikes, top-rated ellipticals and everything else you need to complete your home gym setup.

Tap the button below to head directly to the sale, or read on for our top exercise equipment deal picks. Hurry: This sale won't last long. 

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Last chance: The best NordicTrack deals to shop this week

From a top-of-the-line treadmill to an immersive home gym, here are our favorite NordicTrack deals from the Presidents' Day Sale, still on now.

Save $500: NordicTrack Commercial 2450 treadmill


With 31 levels of incline ranging from -3% to 12% and a max speed of 12 mph, the Commercial 2450 treadmill is built for serious cardio and marathon conditioning. Adjust the settings yourself for a custom workout or let the auto-adjust technology do it automatically in sync with a trainer-led workout on iFit ($180 per year for individuals; a $39 per month family plan and $396 yearly family membership are also available).

The premium treadmill also has ActivePulse technology. When you're wearing a heart rate monitor, it will automatically raise or lower the speed and incline as needed to keep you in your optimal heart rate zone.

Get the treadmill that takes all the guesswork out of optimizing your workouts for $2,499 at NordicTrack (reduced from $2,999).

$2,499 at NordicTrack

NordicTrack's most compact treadmill for $200 off: NordicTrack EXP 7i


The NordicTrack EXP 7i treadmill features a 20-inch-wide running belt, a max speed of 10 mph and an adjustable incline that can go up to 12%. But what really makes a NordicTrack treadmill so impressive are the smart technology and immersive workout features that are built in.

With the 30-day free trial of iFit included in this treadmill deal, you'll be able to access immersive videos that transport you to breathtaking landscapes and dream vacation destinations while you run. Even better, the treadmill can automatically adjust the incline to match the changing incline of the virtual trails you're running.

Get it on sale for $1,099 at NordicTrack (reduced from $1,299).

$1,099 at NordicTrack

NordicTrack FS14i elliptical ($500 off)


For a high-intensity, low-impact workout with all the premium features that you expect from NordicTrack, check out the FS14i elliptical. The smart elliptical offers 26 levels of resistance and an adjustable incline up to 10% so you can customize your workout to the perfect level of intensity.

With automatic adjustments, you also have the option to let the trainer-led workout or the SmartAdjust technology change the settings as you go.

Get the NordicTrack elliptical on sale for $1,999 (reduced from $2,499).

$1,999 at NordicTrack

NordicTrack RW900 Rower: Save $200


Featuring a large 22-inch touchscreen display, 26 digital resistance levels and a folding design, the RW900 smart rower is NordicTrack's leading rowing machine. You can get a high-intensity workout while enjoying an immersive experience thanks to the auto-adjust feature that changes resistance to simulate the conditions on the famous bodies of water you're virtually rowing through in the large display.

If you've got an iFit subscription, you can stream on-demand workouts from that same touchscreen.

Get it during the NordicTrack sale for $1,799 (reduced from $1,999).

$1,799 at NordicTrack

$200 off a premium exercise bike: NordicTrack S27i Studio Bike


Get the immersive NordicTrack experience on an exercise bike with the S27i Studio Bike. Featuring a large 27-inch HD touchscreen, you can follow along with trainer-led workouts or hit the virtual trails, cycling through thousands of stunning destinations from Hawaii to Switzerland and everywhere in between.

Smart features automatically adjust the incline (which goes from -10% up to 20%) to mimic the terrain of your virtual trail, sync up with your trainer-led workout or optimize your workout based on your current fitness level.

Get the smart, immersive stationary bike from NordicTrack for $2,299 (reduced from $2,499).

$2,299 at NordicTrack

An elite home gym for $700 off: NordicTrack Fusion CST Studio


A 70-inch tall smart mirror with six integrated handles, two squat pulleys and two ankle straps, the Fusion CST Studio is a complete home gym and personal trainer in one. Get high-intensity strength workouts with the resistance pulleys or perfect your form in the mirror as you follow on-demand yoga or cardio workouts.

With 20 resistance settings that range from 10 pounds up to 100 pounds, you'll have tons of opportunities to level up your fitness while enjoying thousands of live and on-demand workouts that ensure you never get bored.

Right now you can get the NordicTrack Fusion CST Studio for $1,799 (reduced from $2,499).

$1,799 at NordicTrack