Spring is the perfect time to give your home gym a refresh, especially if you're looking for a way to recommit to those fitness goals you set for yourself at the start of the year. Whether you're a seasoned pro training to add another marathon notch to your belt or following your first couch-to-5k training plan, the best treadmills come with all the advanced features and functions you need to accomplish your goals.

Top-of-the-line models from Sole, NordicTrack and other premium brands include impressive features like adjustable incline, heavy-duty slat belts, elaborate interfaces that help you maximize efficiency or pre-programmed workouts that can make you feel like you're jogging in the Swiss Alps. There are top-rated budget treadmills available as well, including some that fit under your desk so you can squeeze in a workout at work. Some treadmills even come with their own desk.

Keep reading to find out which treadmill is best for what you want to accomplish in 2024.

The 5 best treadmills of 2024

The best treadmill for you will ensure your training never gets interrupted by the weather and give you more control over exactly which elements of your performance you want to work on.

Best treadmill overall for 2024: Sole ST90


A truly dependable treadmill for marathon training needs to be able to withstand high speeds, long mileage and rigorous daily training. That's the Sole ST90. It packs an AC motor which, while louder than the DC motor that's now standard in many treadmills, is also a lot more powerful and better equipped to handle heavy usage. 

It boasts a slat belt rather than the conventional continuous belt. This also adds to its suitability for heavy usage, while giving you better traction and improved impact reduction.

You also have a surprising amount of versatility in how you use the Sole ST90. With a max speed of 12.5 mph and 15 levels of incline, you can use this machine for both tempo runs and hill training.

And if you're looking for conditioning or core strength, switch to "free mode" which disengages the motor and turns this into a manual treadmill, allowing you to propel the belt yourself and use eight of the 15 incline levels. Crank up the incline in Free Mode for the ultimate strength-building run or drop it to flat and build up as much speed as you can for optimal cardio conditioning. 

What we like about the Sole ST90:

  • The slat belt offers better traction and a lower-impact workout for your joints.
  • 12.5 mph max speed makes this a bit faster than most standard home gym treadmills.
  • 15 levels of incline prepare you for scaling steep ascents during your marathon.
  • The powerful AC motor can handle even the most intense training schedules.
  • "Free Mode" lets you use this as a manual treadmill.
$4,000 at Sole Fitness $4,000 at Amazon

Best incline and decline treadmill: NordicTrack Commercial X32i


The NordicTrack Commercial X32i treadmill features a 22-inch-wide running belt, a max speed of 12 mph and an adjustable incline that can go down to -6% decline or up to 40% incline. With such a wide range of incline and decline settings, you can use this to work on both your uphill and downhill performance. Work on strength and cardio conditioning by upping the incline or improve your stability and control by dropping it into a decline position.

But what really makes a NordicTrack treadmill so impressive is the smart technology and immersive workout features. With the 30-day free trial of iFit included in this treadmill deal ($39 per month thereafter), you'll be able to access on-demand workout videos and immersive videos that transport you to breathtaking landscapes and dream vacation destinations while you run. Even better, the treadmill can automatically adjust the incline to match the changing incline of the virtual trails you're running. 

Get the immersive treadmill from NordicTrack for $4,499.

What we like about the NordicTrack Commercial X32i:

  • With an adjustable incline ranging from -6% to 40%, this treadmill boasts the widest range of incline and decline settings we've seen.
  • The large 32-inch HD touchscreen display makes your workouts even more immersive.
  • With an iFit membership, you can use Google Maps Street View to run anywhere in the world without leaving your house.
  • The steep incline options allow you to train for hikes or ultra marathons.
$4,499 at NordicTrack

An affordable alternative to NordicTrack's incline treadmill: Bowflex T22


The Bowflex T22 offers similar incline and decline functions and immersive workout options at almost half the price as NordicTrack. While the adjustable incline doesn't go as high as the NordicTrack, it still offers an impressive range of -5% up to 20% incline.

Plus, the optional JRNY fitness membership gives you access to over 200 virtual courses that transport you to white sand beaches or the streets of Rome while you run. (JRNY costs $149 per year, but the T22 comes with a two-month free trial.)

Right now, you can get the Bowflex T22 for just $2,699 (reduced from $2,799) at Bowflex and Amazon.

$2,699 at Bowflex $2,699 at Amazon

Best under-desk treadmill: WalkingPad R2


The slim and foldable WalkingPad R2 features one of the most portable, space-saving designs we've seen. When not in use, it can fold in half, shrinking from about 47 inches long down to just 33 inches. Then, it can be folded again to store it in a vertical position instead of a horizontal one so that it takes up almost no floor space at all. It slides easily under a desk, couch or even the bottom of your closet.

It's not just a favorite for its compact size, though. This surprisingly high-tech under-desk treadmill also features eight built-in sensors to detect your cadence and foot placement. It uses that to automatically adjust to match your walking speed or stop when you stop. That smart tech makes it one of the best picks for your office. It's easy to log a few steps when you can, stop when you need to and start up again without having to manually start, stop or adjust settings.

Right now, you can get this under-desk treadmill directly from WalkingPad for $700, a savings of $299. That's even better than the price at Amazon right now, where you can get the foldable WalkingPad R2 for $799 after coupon.

What we like about the WalkingPad R2:

  • Multiple folding options let you store this horizontally under a desk or couch or vertically in a closet.
  • In walking mode, use the smart speed control to automatically adjust the speed based on your steps.
  • The brushless motor is quiet enough to use while working.
$700 at WalkingPad $799 at Amazon

Best manual treadmill: AssaultRunner Pro


The AssaultRunner Pro is one of the best curved treadmills on the market. It's non-motorized so 100% of the momentum you build in your run is coming from you. That makes for a more intense cardio session that studies show increases your VO2 max as well as your gait, balance and cadence better than either a standard motorized treadmill or road running.

That's because each footfall isn't just landing on top of flat ground to hold you up. It's also pressing further into the slat belt to grip and pull it behind you. So you're really strengthening those stabilizer muscles while working your quads even harder to make you a faster, more efficient runner.

So, unlike other treadmills where the risk is that your treadmill runs will be easier than the actual marathon (leaving you less prepared for the demands of road running), this curved treadmill will require more effort than road running. Come race day, running on a road that you don't actively have to pull will feel like a breeze in comparison.  

Get this premium 4.1-star-rated manual treadmill on Amazon for $2,999.

What we like about the AssaultRunner Pro:

  • The curved manual treadmill is great for improving your running form and efficiency.
  • The digital display comes pre-loaded with training programs to help you achieve specific performance goals.
  • The display looks low-tech, but it can connect via Bluetooth to your preferred running app, including Apple Fitness and Zwift.
  • No motor means no power cord so you can put this treadmill wherever you want (even outside).
$2,999 at Amazon

Best treadmill under $500: Urevo 3-in-1 treadmill


Small and easily stored, Urevo's 3-in-1 treadmill can be used under a desk, or with a handrail at higher speeds. And if you don't have a standing desk already, don't worry. The handrail comes with a removable desk board that's the perfect size for a laptop.

With so many different ways to use it, this is the perfect treadmill for the busy person who has little time to spare for longer workout sessions.

Get some extra steps in during meetings and calls or raise the railing to squeeze in a quick high-intensity run. And if you need to move it out of the way, fold it and roll it under a couch or into a closet. It's lightweight and has built-in transport wheels to make it easy to move around as needed. 

Even better, you get all that versatility at a price that won't break the bank. The 4.5-star rated folding treadmill is available on Amazon for just $500.

What we like about the Urevo 3-in-1 treadmill: 

  • You can fold down the handrail to use this as an under-desk treadmill.
  • A removable desk board converts the handrail into a standing desk.
  • It has a quiet, brushless motor so you can get your steps in without disturbing others in the house.
  • With a max speed of 8.6 mph while in running mode, this model gives you the option to do more high-intensity runs than many other treadmills at this price point.
$500 at Amazon

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Is an indoor treadmill worth it?

Treadmills can get expensive, especially if you're looking for premium features like the ones you find on a NordicTrack or Sole treadmill. But we think they're worth it -- as long as you make sure you pick one that matches your goals and needs.

If you don't have many good running paths around you, an immersive treadmill like those from NordicTrack can give you access to virtual trails set in stunning locations all over the globe. That way, you can train day in and day out without ever getting bored of jogging through the same old running route.

Even dedicated outdoor runners can benefit from a good indoor treadmill. Get a treadmill with incline and decline settings so you can program training runs that match the elevation changes of that marathon you're training for or the new trail you're going to run on your next vacation. Come winter, your treadmill will also be a handy way to keep up with training even when the weather keeps you off your usual routes.

What is a good maximum treadmill speed?

Many treadmills will max out at a speed of around 7 or 8 miles per hour. That's a good treadmill mph for most people who are just hopping on the treadmill as a way to stay in shape. But if you're training for a competition, you might want something that can go faster. High-end treadmills like those from Sole and NordicTrack can go as high as 12.5 mph.

Another great option for hardcore sprint sessions is a manual treadmill or a traditional treadmill with a manual mode. Since these treadmills are powered by you, you can go as fast as your feet will carry you.

Which treadmill is best for weight loss?

The best treadmill for weight loss is one that offers adjustable incline as well as speed. By raising the incline, you can increase the intensity of the workout without increasing the speed. You can jog or walk at a pace that feels comfortable for you but with the incline raised, you're making your muscles work that much harder, which makes each step count that much more.

At those early stages when you're still new to running and not able to run at higher speeds for long, that added incline helps you maximize the caloric burn of each workout. It also helps you build up endurance and strength faster than if you just stuck to running on a flat surface. That way, you can progress to those faster, calorie-melting sprints sooner.