If you're running in it, you've likely had this marked on your calendar for a while. But for those who aren't aware, the Los Angeles Marathon is happening this weekend on March 17. The sunny southern California race will give participants a chance to weave through some of the city's most iconic landmarks, including Hollywood's Walk of Fame, the palm-lined Rodeo Drive and a stretch of historic Route 66. 

Make sure you show up prepared to perform your best on race day by bringing the right gear to stay comfortable, hydrated and motivated from the first mile to the last. From a lightweight pair of racing shoes that will propel you through the race to a smartwatch that can help you make sure you're sticking to your target pace, here's our roundup of everything you need to crush your first (or fiftieth) marathon.

A pair of race-ready running shoes: Nike Streakfly


Come race day, runners need to be totally unencumbered. That means wearing a shoe that's so lightweight it almost feels like you aren't wearing any shoe at all. It should also be extra flexible so it can bend with your foot, and allow you to get a good feel of the road beneath you. That's exactly what the Nike Streakfly does.

This is Nike's lightest racing shoe, and it's built to help you reach your top speed. You get a full-length ZoomX midsole, which is Nike's lightest and most responsive foam. The grip pattern on the outsole is designed to provide traction on the heel and toe so you get a stable foot strike and toe-off, but a smooth glide from heel to toe so you can build up speed.

The running shoe is available in unisex sizes ranging from Men's 3.5/Women's 5 all the way up to Men's 15/Women's 16.5. The regular price is $160, but some colorways are on sale for up to 30% off during Nike's clearance sale.

Top features of the Nike Streakfly:

  • This shoe is made with a full-length ZoomX midsole for extra springiness and low-profile foam for a better connection to the road.
  • Offset lacing relieves pressure on the top of the foot.
  • Its grip pattern is optimized for high-tempo runs.
$112 at Nike

Breathable compression shorts: Lululemon SenseKnit running shorts


The Lululemon SenseKnit running shorts are everything a runner needs: breathable, sweat-wicking and offering just enough compression to prevent chafing during your marathon. They're also stretchy and have engineered grippers in the hemline so they stay put from the first mile to the last. 

That means no more fiddling with shorts that keep bunching up or rolling. No more painful thigh chafe. No more sweaty compression shorts that don't breathe. The extra long bike short length -- 8 inches for women, 10 inches for men -- means your entire thigh is protected from chafing. 

Get a pair for as low as $108 at Lululemon

Top features of the Lululemon SenseKnit running shorts:

  • Strategically placed mesh panels provide air flow where you need it.
  • Four way stretch and a grippy hem let these shorts move with you without bunching or rolling. 
  • The lightweight, long shorts wick away sweat and prevent chafing.

Shop men's sizes:

$128 at Lululemon

Shop women's sizes:

$108 at Lululemon

A high-impact sports bra: Running Girl sports bra


Your regular sports bra probably won't cut it on race day. When you're logging high mileage, you need a sports bra with maximum support, as well as flat seams and a comfortable fit that won't dig into your skin.

The Running Girl sports bra checks all of these boxes. The streamlined fit is designed to feel like a second skin, while the molded cups prevent movement so you can run comfortably. The 4.3-star rated bra is $24 on Amazon.

Top features of the Running Girl sports bra:

  • Sizes range from small to 3XL to provide a secure fit to a wide range of bust sizes.
  • The full-coverage front adds extra support, even for women with larger busts who struggle to find sports bra that fit.
  • Breathable mesh panels are strategically placed to make sure you're still getting air flow where you need it.
  • Four-way stretch fabric moves with you to prevent chafing and discomfort.
$24 at Amazon

A waist-belt that won't bounce: FlipBelt


Making it through a marathon requires a bit more gear than those quick morning runs you do before work. This FlipBelt is one of the best ways to store it all. With enough space for a phone, cash, energy gels, an inhaler and even this specially designed water bottle, you can stash everything you'll need along your run.

The step-in belt is stretchy and designed to mold to your waist so that it doesn't bounce or slide while you run. The four built-in pockets are designed to easily slide your essentials out mid-run and put them back in without having to stop.

Available in eight sizes, this 4.5 star-rated running belt is $34 on Amazon.

Top features of the FlipBelt:

  • With eight sizes and a stretchy design, runners of all sizes can get a belt that fits comfortably and stays in place from start to finish.
  • The slide-in pockets make it easy to access your items without stopping.
  • Made from a quick-dry material, this belt prevents chafing at the waist.
  • A compatible FlipBelt water bottle is available, and it can slide snugly into the back pocket.
$34 at Amazon

Sunglasses that will stay in place all 26.2 miles: Goodr sunglasses


These Goodr sunglasses were made by and for runners. They're lightweight and slip-resistant, so you can work up a sweat without them bouncing or sliding around your face. And as far as sun protection functionality, they're hard to beat with their polarized UV400 lenses that block out harmful UV rays and reduce glare.

At $25 for a pair, Goodr sunglasses are some of the most affordable performance sunglasses on the market.

Top features of Goodr sunglasses:

  • Polarized lenses reduce glare.
  • UV400 is the highest UV protection rating, blocking nearly 100% of UV rays.
  • Lightweight, nonslip frame makes it feel like you aren't even wearing anything while you run.
$25 at Goodr

A Kipchoge-approved smartwatch: Coros Pace 3


Spotted on none other than Eliud Kipchoge's wrist at the 2023 Berlin Marathon, the Coros Pace 3 packs tons of advanced running metrics that both beginner and elite marathoners will love. The ultra-lightweight smartwatch alerts you when your pace, heart rate or other metrics go above or below your target during the run, so you can adjust accordingly to get the best results.

This is key during a marathon when you want to perform your best but need to make sure you don't overdo it and burn out before reaching the finish line.

Top features of Coros Pace 3:

  • A marathon readiness score uses your training history, health metrics, sleep and other data to give you an estimate on how ready you are to take on a full marathon.
  • The built-in race predictor not only estimates what your finish time will be, but also provides a pace estimator to help you decide what pace to target during the marathon.
  • The battery lasts up to 38 hours, with activity tracking and full GPS.
  • The watch can track heart rate, VO2 Max, training load, threshold zones, recovery, fatigue and more key performance and health metrics.
  • Get access to training plans and workouts you can follow from your watch so you can train effectively ahead of race day.
$229 at Amazon

A safer way to listen to your marathon-motivation playlist: Shokz OpenRun Pro


Called "magic" by multiple reviewers, the Shokz OpenRun Pros are some of the most popular bone conduction headphones on the market.

"You can hear ambient sounds and things like the skateboard coming up behind you but can also hear your audio as if it was a high quality speaker that's following you around," an Amazon reviewer says.

They're great for running marathons too, because they keep your ears open and stay in place even while you're jogging. These bestselling headphones have earned over 9,300 5-star ratings on Amazon and cost $180.

Top features of the Shokz OpenRun Pro:

  • The comfortable, secure fit stays in place even on the move.
  • IP55 water resistance means you can get sweaty or run in the rain without a problem.
  • Two bass enhancers give you better bass quality compared to most bone conduction headphones.
  • The battery lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge.
$180 at Amazon