If you exercise a lot, live in a hot and humid climate, work in a physically demanding job, or you're just prone to sweating, staying properly hydrated involves more than just drinking water. Staying hydrated means replacing electrolytes lost when you sweat during a run or HIIT workout. Hydration packets (also known as hydration multipliers) are an easy way to replenish lost electrolytes so you can stay active and stay hydrated. And they may even help your workouts improve, according to recent studies.

Registered dietician nutritionist Roxana Ehsani further explains the value of hydration multipliers. "A hydration multiplier contains electrolytes, and is essentially an electrolyte powder that you can add to water. There may be situations in which a person who needs these extra electrolytes, such as a competitive athlete who is training for an extended period of time and losing lots of fluid, could benefit from drinking a hydration multiplier to help them rehydrate."

Ehsani also suggested hydration packets aren't just beneficial for athletes or gym enthusiasts. "A non-athlete ... who is suffering from diarrhea or vomiting may have lost tons of fluid and could benefit from taking in an electrolyte powder to help rehydrate."

We rounded up the best hydration multipliers so you don't have to break a sweat making a choice.

The best hydration multipliers for post-workout recovery in 2024

Are you properly hydrated? What should you look for in a hydration multiplier? How much water am I supposed to drink, anyway? We've got the answers to all your hydration-related questions. But first, the best hydration multipliers and hydration packets to add to your water bottle after a workout.

Best hydration multiplier overall: Liquid I.V.


An Amazon top-seller, Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier features five essential vitamins and three times the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks. 

What really makes it stand out is the balance of sodium, potassium and glucose in the formula. Liquid I.V. uses the same ratio of key electrolytes that you find in medical oral rehydration solutions, a gold standard treatment for dehydration after severe cases of diarrhea and vomiting. That balance is key to ensuring that the formula actually can boost the rate at which your body absorbs water. 

A zesty and refreshing hydration multiplier, we also like that Liquid I.V. is made with no artificial colors or sweeteners. This gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free formulation also adds vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 and vitamin C to every serving.

Get a bag with 16 servings on Amazon for $22.

Top features of Liquid I.V.:

  • The ratio of sodium, potassium and glucose are based on proven medical treatments for dehydration.
  • The single serving packets make it easy to take these with you to the gym or stash in your pack ahead of a long run.
  • A wide variety of flavors ensures you can find one that you like or mix it up to avoid getting bored. 
$22 at Amazon

Best sugar-free hydration multiplier: Primal Hydration Electrolytes Packets 


With 4.4 stars on Amazon Primal Hydration Electrolytes Packets earn high marks on taste from buyers who found this powder very hydrating. This powder is sweetened with Stevia, not sugar, to avoid the highs and lows that come with sugar intake. 

Each packet also contains key B vitamins to promote energy and antioxidants to support your immune system. The all-around wellness formula is a great post-workout supplement to boost your recovery.

You can get a bag containing 30 single-serving packets for $45 on Amazon.

Top features of Primal Hydration Electrolyte Packets:

  • With no added sugars, Primal Harvest Packets also don't overload on sodium and are designed to be rapidly absorbed.
  • The added B vitamins are intended to boost energy levels after a tough workout.
  • The convenient grab-and-go sticks are easy to take to the gym or on a hike. 
$45 at Amazon

Best low-sodium hydration multiplier: Moon Juice Mini Dew Electrolyte Powder


This 2-in-1 formula delivers electrolytes that hydrate and support brain function and focus. A formulation derived from watermelon and pink salt, Moon Juice Mini Dew uses no added sugars and earns 4.2 stars on Amazon.

For those trying to limit their sodium intake, Mini Dew has one of the lowest sodium concentrations at 270 mg per serving. That's still 12% of your daily recommended sodium intake but it's much lower than most hydration multipliers. 

Top features of Moon Juice Mini Dew:

  • At 270 mg of sodium per serving, it contains less sodium than many hydration multipliers.
  • The formula also adds zinc, copper and other key minerals that your body also needs. 
  • The light watermelon flavor is refreshing without being overpowering.
$44 at Amazon

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What is a hydration multiplier?

A hydration multiplier typically contains a mix of electrolytes and flavoring to make your water taste better and help your body absorb it faster. Electrolytes are a group of minerals that have an electric charge when dissolved in water. The major electrolytes your body needs include sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, calcium, phosphate, and bicarbonates

Your body eliminates excess electrolytes through sweat and waste. Under normal circumstances, the amount of electrolytes lost is balanced by the amount you're consuming in your diet. But when you sweat excessively or get sick, you can end up losing more electrolytes than you take in. That electrolyte imbalance can cause some of the symptoms of dehydration like muscle cramps and fatigue.

Using a hydration multiplier after an intense workout or illness can prevent that imbalance by making sure that your body rehydrates faster and restores a healthy balance of electrolytes.

While water tends to have some of these minerals already, some purification processes or home water filtration systems end up removing them in the process of getting rid of contaminants. 

Do electrolytes hydrate you faster than water?

Electrolytes can help you rehydrate faster than if you drink plain water. That's because one of the important functions of electrolytes is to regulate the flow of water through the body.

Electrolytes--especially sodium--help move fluid from your intestinal tract into your bloodstream and even help regulate water flow in and out of cells. So the idea behind a hydration multiplier is that you're giving your body the tools to absorb the water you drink faster than if you had drunk that water by itself.

When should I drink a hydration multiplier?

Keeping a stash of hydration multipliers to drink after those intense treadmill runs or after an illness is a good idea. However, you shouldn't drink them every day unless your doctor has recommended that you do so.

Remember: the purpose of a hydration multiplier is to replace lost electrolytes in cases where you lose more than you take in. That's most likely to happen during an illness--specifically one that causes diarrhea or vomiting--or after a vigorous workout where you sweat a lot.

Barring certain medical conditions, like kidney disease and some cancers, your body is already good at maintaining the right balance of electrolytes. So drink plain water throughout the day on most days and save hydration multipliers for your post-workout and post-illness recovery regimens.