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No matter what your fitness goals are, nutrition is just as important as exercise if you want to achieve them. But when you don't have time to craft a perfectly balanced pre- or post-workout meal, it's easy to miss your nutritional targets. That's why we love protein bars for supplementing your diet.

Packed with protein and other essential nutrients, protein bars make it easy to ensure you're getting the protein (and fiber) you need to achieve your muscle gain or weight loss goals this year. But with so many different options, it can be hard to pick the right one for your needs. To make it easier, we've rounded up the most-loved protein bars on Amazon.

The best protein bars on Amazon

From a well-rounded protein and fiber powerhouse to a crowd-pleasing protein bar with dozens of fun flavors, here are the absolute best protein bars on Amazon, according to reviewers.

Best protein bar overall: Quest Nutrition


Earning over 40,600 5-star ratings on Amazon, these Quest Nutrition protein bars are a consistent Amazon bestseller. The most frequently cited reasons for their popularity include the high-fiber, low-sugar formula that packs 21 grams of protein into a single bar.

The taste is a hit, too. One reviewer said, "I've eaten 300 of these and I STILL am looking forward to getting to eat one tomorrow." While it still has the somewhat dense texture that most protein bars have, reviewers note that it isn't as chalky or bland as other brands.

Whether you're looking for a post-workout boost or a between-meal snack that tides you over without breaking your calorie count, these Quest protein bars are it.

According to one reviewer, "These are fairly filling because of how rich the flavors are and how dense the bars are." The same reviewer added, "They aren't too big or too small. Just right." In other words, these protein bars are exactly what you need if you want something that will hit the spot without making you feel too bloated or full.

With 11 decadent flavors to choose from, you also have plenty of options to rotate through so you never get bored of eating the same one. Get a 12-count box on Amazon for $25.

$25 at Amazon

Best pre-workout protein bar: Quantum Energy Square


Boasting the optimal balance of complex carbs and protein, the Quantum Energy Square is crafted to deliver smooth energy without the sudden spikes and crashes you get with sugar or simple carb-packed bars. That and the 100mg of caffeine per bar help make this one of the best protein bars you could eat before a workout.

You'll get an immediate boost of energy and focus to power you through a high-intensity workout along with sustained energy to prevent that burnout feeling you might feel after you finish.

Amazon reviewers can't stop raving about this energizing formula. One happy customer who uses them as a mid-day boost said, "You don't even realize you had caffeine, just all of a sudden you're able to get things done again."

Another reviewer noted that they were perfect for powering through longer mountain bike rides: "The bar went down easy chased with water and the caffeine and protein level was exactly what I needed to finish the ride feeling solid."

In short, these Quantum Energy Square bars are the nutrient-dense blend of protein, fiber, micronutrients and caffeine you need to fuel your workouts or morning routine. Get an eight-count box with four different flavors for $20 on Amazon.

$20 at Amazon

Best post-workout protein bar: Barebells


When the workout is over, you don't need energy so much as you need the essential nutrients for your body to repair and build muscle. That's where the Barebells protein bars come in. The 4.5-star rated protein bars deliver 20 grams of protein each in a flavorful recipe that has no added sugar.

In addition to the big dose of protein and low sugar content, reviewers rave about the unmatched flavor and texture. Multiple reviewers noting that the taste and texture are much closer to a candy bar--Milky Way and Snickers, to be specific. One Amazon reviewer even said, "you almost forget you're eating a protein bar."

A popular pick to throw in your gym bag as a post-workout snack, these high protein bars deliver the fuel you need for a good recovery while satisfying that post-workout appetite that can easily derail your nutrition plan.

While not every Barbells protein bar is vegan-friendly, there are some plant-based flavors if you need vegan protein.

Get a 12-count box of your preferred flavor for $30 on Amazon.

$30 at Amazon

Best vegan protein bar: Aloha


Earning 4.5 stars after over 6,000 ratings on Amazon, the Aloha protein bars are definitely one of the top vegan protein bars. Rather than the soy blend typically found in plant-based options, these bars use 100% real whole-food ingredients like peanuts and pumpkin seeds to load 14 grams of protein into each bar.

"I love that this bar has all the right ingredients and none of the wrong ingredients," said one reviewer.

At 10 grams per bar, it's also loaded with fiber to promote better digestion of those nutrient-dense organic ingredients. Gluten free, soy free and dairy free, these bars are paleo-friendly and safe for people with gluten allergies. 

Get a 12-count box of your favorite flavor for $24 on Amazon.

$24 at Amazon

Best flavor options: One


If one of the biggest barriers to eating protein bars for you is taste, you need to try the One protein bars. With 20 different flavors to choose from, including vegan options and different textures, you're bound to finally discover the protein bar that doesn't feel like you're eating a protein bar.

Boasting a 4.4-star average after over 22,300 ratings, it's clear that thousands of other customers have discovered their favorite flavors, too. According to one reviewer, "It has great flavor and does not have the overwhelming taste of protein like most bars do."

While taste, texture and quality are among the most frequently mentioned features by reviewers, these protein bars are also a powerhouse of nutrition. Each bar offers 20 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber, with no added sugar or trans fats.

Multiple reviewers love that these make it so easy to pack in extra nutrients into your diet without loading on too many calories. "These always help me reach my daily macro goals," one reviewer said.

Get a 12-count box of any flavor while these protein bars are on sale at Amazon. Regularly listed at $30, you can get the full box for just $20.

$20 at Amazon

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