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Peloton riders, big news! We repeat, big news! Peloton's at-home indoor bike with 22" screen is on sale now at Amazon, along with many of the iconic at-home fitness brand's must-have accessories.

Whether you're a Cody Rigsby die hard (Ally Love fan over here) or you've been thinking about getting a Peloton for your home and haven't yet, this is the sale for you. Amazon has marked down some amazing must-have products, including Peloton branded bike shoes, a perfect-fit-for-your-bike mat and arm weights (perfect for Tunde's Intervals & Arms class).

That's not all. There are many more great Peloton deals on Amazon. See you on the leaderboard!

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Top Deals On Peloton Featured In This Article

Indoor bike: Original Peloton Bike | Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike with Immersive 22" HD Touchscreen, $1,245 (marked down from $1,445)

$1,245 on Amazon

Clip-in bike shoes: Peloton Cycling Shoes for Bike and Bike+ with Delta-Compatible Bike Cleats, $106 (marked down from $125)

$106 on Amazon

Under-bike mat: Peloton Bike Mat | 72" x 36" with 4 mm Thickness, Compatible with Peloton Bike or Bike+, $64 (marked down from $75)

$64 on Amazon

Light weights: Set of Two Sweat-Proof Weights with Nonslip Grip, $21 (list price $25)

$21 on Amazon

How Does Peloton Work (And What Do I Really Need To Buy?)

If you're new to Peloton, picture the most intense spin class (or a moderate one, if that's your thing), plus your own trainer, yoga teacher and bootcamp instructor, all in one place and for one price. While Peloton's high-energy, big-fun spin classes surged in popularity during the pandemic, Peloton also has yoga, rowing, treadmill and weight training classes, all available to Peloton subscribers.

Purchasing a Peloton includes delivery and more importantly, set-up. No IKEA Allan wrenches needed.

What you need: You'll need a Peloton bike, treadmill or rowing machine in order to take the respective classes. Likewise, you'll need light, medium and heavy weights for any bootcamp and weight classes you attend. If you're biking, you'll need toe-clip bike shoes. We prefer to use bluetooth Air Pods during class, as opposed to using no headphones at all (your family will thank you).

Cost? In addition to the cost of the Peloton bike, tread or rowing machine, you'll need a subscription to the Peloton app, which gives members unlimited access to hundreds and hundreds of classes, varying in duration, difficulty, music style and class style. After a 30-day free trail, Peloton app with cost you $12.99/month, exclusive of taxes.

Now, what do I really need? You ask all the right questions. We think the Peloton floor mat is a must-have. It protects your floor from scratches from the bike, not to mention all that sweat that will accrue when you crush all those killer workouts. We added a padded bike seat cover to our bike and suggest you do, too. You'll want to have a full water bottle handy. We like these. And you'll definitely want to bring your A-game and your loudest voice. Those Peloton teachers hate to "woot" alone.

Shop Peloton Deals On Amazon

If just getting out of the house to go to a workout class or the gym is a challenge, Peloton is a game changer. Work out anytime and even stack cardio and weight training classes. It's all at your fingertips, literally.

Original Peloton Bike | Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike 

Peloton Bike

The original at-home stationery bike, Peloton's bike comes with a 22" touchscreen, adjustable seat, and holder for light weights. The compact 4-foot-by-2-foot size makes this bike workable in most spaces.

Original Peloton Bike | Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike $1,245 (marked down from $1,445)

$1,245 on Amazon

Peloton Cycling Shoes for Bike and Bike+ with Delta-Compatible Bike Cleats

Bike shoes

Designed specifically for a Peloton bike, Peloton shoes feature an easily adjustable rachet clip and breathable, comfortable construction.

Peloton Cycling Shoes for Bike and Bike+ with Delta-Compatible Bike Cleats, $106 (on sale from $125)

$106 on Amazon

Peloton Light Weights | Set of Two Sweat-Proof Weights with Nonslip Grip

Peloton weights

While a set of light weights isn't required for every Peloton bike workout, many of the platform's offerings break up the class with sections of arm work. We like Peloton's branded weights, which have a no-slip grip and fit perfectly in the weight holders behind the bike. Available in 1lb, 2lb or 3lb. sets, which sounds light until you do 30 reps of biceps while peddling a bike.

Peloton Light Weights | Set of Two Sweat-Proof Weights with Nonslip Grip, $21(on sale from $25)

$21 on Amazon

Peloton Bike Mat Compatible with Peloton Bike or Bike+

Peloton Mat

While Peloton's bike mat is on sale, we suggest pressing "add to cart" before it sells out. The mat is perfectly sized for your bike, helping to stabilize your Peloton and keep your floors sweet-free.

Peloton Bike Mat Compatible with Peloton Bike or Bike+, $64 (on sale from $75)

$64 on Amazon

Shop Other Peloton Products On Amazon

Heart rate monitor:Peloton Heart Rate Band | Arm Band with Rechargeable Battery ($77)

$77 on Amazon

Perfect fit water bottle: Peloton Glass Water Bottle | 16 oz. Bottle With Nonslip Silicone Sleeve ($14)

$14 on Amazon

Weight lifting assistant: Peloton Guide Strength Training Device with Built-In Camera Technology, $195 (marked down from $295)

$195 on Amazon

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