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This week's confidence scale is based on the best Adam Sandler movies, according to me, because grown adult men making up songs that rhyme "shoe" with "gobble-dee-hee-hoo" exude confidence.

1: Jack and Jill, (I didn't see this movie because it looks awful, so no quote.)
2: Anger Management, "Sarcasm is anger's ugly cousin, Dave."
3: Bedtime Stories, "So Sir Fix-a-lot moved into a giant shoe, developed a case of athlete's face, threw himself in the moat and fed himself to the crocodiles."
4: Mr. Deeds, "I like feet. I do not know why."
5: Big Daddy, "Oh yes, I've had some smelly ones before, but your son is by far the smelliest."
6: Eight Crazy Nights, "That's not a lobster bib, Eleanor, its a germ protector for your tushy."
7: The Wedding Singer, "See? Billy Idol gets it."
8: The Waterboy, "Oh no, we suck again!"
9: Happy Gilmore, "You're gonna die, clown!"
10: Billy Madison, "I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

Bring on Week 2!

Cowboys at Titans, Sun., 1 p.m. ET

The Titans pass rush wasn't advertised to be great, but they held up well in Week 1. Count on defensive coordinator Ray Horton to try and mimic what the 49ers did to annoy Tony Romo and force him into some mistakes. Horton's defense (then in Arizona) kept Romo to just one touchdown in a 2011 meeting. Also, Ken Whisenhunt's Chargers offense carved up the Cowboys last season to the tune of 30 points and 506 yards. A second blowout loss for the Cowboys offense would be alarming.

Tony Romo (8.4): Not only did Romo have pedestrian numbers vs. Horton's Cardinals in 2011 (299 yards, one score), but he was equally ineffective against Horton's secondary with the Steelers in 2008 (210 yards, one score, three interceptions). The question is: Can Horton do it with the personnel he has now in Tennessee? I wouldn't quite doubt Romo.
Jake Locker (7.6): Matchup is great and Locker's playing great, completing 67 percent of his passes last week for 8.06 yards per attempt. Considering his coach's knowledge of the Dallas defense, I like him as a big-time sleeper for nice stats.

Running backs
DeMarco Murray (8.7): Don't buy the Titans run defense as great just based off of last week. They have a big D-line and veteran linebackers but took a hit with the season-ending injury to linebacker Zach Brown. Plus Horton's track record vs. Dallas running backs (in two games) isn't pristine. Murray's a must.
Shonn Greene (7.8): I want to punch myself in the face for saying this but dang it, Greene's a good start this week. The Titans seem committed to him giving him 15 carries over best-among-backs 32 snaps. Could score, too.
Dexter McCluster (5.7): I'm still seeing Dex as a flex candidate, especially in PPR leagues. It wouldn't be a surprise to see him get 10 more touches.

Wide receivers
Dez Bryant (8.8): The biggest gainers in those Romo vs. Horton games have been the top receivers for the Cowboys. Look for Bryant to make up for last week's weak sauce.
Terrance Williams (6.3): Fantasy owners should be especially pleased with how Williams did last week, effectively serving as the No. 1 receiver with Dez banged up for part of the game and scoring on a nifty red-zone play. If the Cowboys are throwing, Williams has to be in the flex talk.
Kendall Wright (6.5): Had just the one red-zone target last week but made it count. Whisenhunt didn't use his receivers to decimate the Cowboys last season, aiming for Cover-2 busting tight ends and running backs, so don't over-extend to get Wright in lineups.
Justin Hunter (6.1): Eight targets, including four deep shots last week for Hunter says a lot. So too does his 66 percent playing time last week. He's a legit sleeper this week against a bad Dallas pass defense.

Tight ends
Jason Witten (8.0): His track record against Horton's defenses is brutal -- not even 70 yards in either meeting. But you're still likely to start him regardless.
Delanie Walker (8.4): Not that I want to make Walker a weekly start, but I'm riding with him again after Vernon Davis scored twice on the Cowboys last week. Whisenhunt also leaned heavily on his tight end last season when he played the Cowboys.

Defense/Special Teams
Cowboys (1.5): They're good enough to be a bye-week replacement this week ... except no one's on a bye. #FantasyFootballHumor
Titans (6.2): The Cowboys offense is potent, so this is a risk, but citing Ray Horton's history against this offense and against Romo, it wouldn't be a surprise if they held the 'Boys to under 21 points and had some sacks and turnovers.

Falcons at Bengals, Sun., 1 p.m. ET

With the exception of one deep completion where cornerback Adam Jones was shoved like a rag doll, the Bengals pass defense was excellent last week. That's going to be the focus of both teams in this game -- the Bengals will aim to corral the Falcons' receiving threats as best they can while the Falcons will find ways to exploit them. No one will consider Harry Douglas and Devin Hester for Fantasy purposes (not in standard leagues anyway) but their combined 13 targets are a sign that they're going to be involved when opponents focus in on Julio Jones and Roddy White. The Bengals backup cornerbacks will be tested.

Matt Ryan (8.6): No Jake Matthews will sting a little but Ryan is known for beating the blitz. Look for another big game this week if only because the Falcons won't be very successful on the ground.
Andy Dalton (7.2): People have whispered to me that the Falcons pass defense will be good. That wasn't the case last week when the Saints marched downfield on them routinely. Dalton's at home with a good matchup. He's a sleeper this week.

Running backs
Jacquizz Rodgers (4.4): Quizz played the second-most of any Falcons running back and did the most with 34 rush yards and a touchdown. A very risky start but playing as a passing downs back could mean notable numbers.
Steven Jackson (4.3): He may have averaged 4.3 yards per carry last week, but he's more bulk that quick at this stage in the game. Playing just 44 percent of the snaps says a lot.
Devonta Freeman (2.1): I wouldn't give up on him. It's a long season and he's already showing a few flashes.
Giovani Bernard (9.2): Among my favorite running back choices this week against a Falcons run defense that allowed 119 rush yards and 64 receiving yards to Saints running backs last week. I'm expecting at least 110 total yards and a touchdown.
Jeremy Hill (5.1): Hill has to be considered a sleeper after the Saints rumbled for three short-yardage touchdowns on the Falcons last week. He might even deliver stats beyond the goal line, too.

Wide receivers
Julio Jones (8.9): The Bengals survived a test last week against the Ravens but face a completely tougher challenge this week. Julio should continue his hot streak.
Roddy White (7.8): White is known for slowing down in games outside of the dome, but two of his last three have been spectacular (and that's when his ankle was a problem last season!).
Harry Douglas (4.5): Here's a big PPR flex sleeper after he finished tied for second on the Falcons in targets and second in catches last week. Still out there in more than 50 percent of CBSSports.com leagues.
A.J. Green (9.1): If Brandin Cooks could make his NFL debut and get 77 yards and a touchdown through the air against Atlanta, then Green should be at least as great.
Mohamed Sanu (2.3): Just five targets last week, two on the Bengals' first drive and three after Tyler Eifert got hurt. He played 92 percent of the snaps. There's some sneaky appeal here for those in deep, deep formats.

Tight ends
Levine Toilolo (4.0): I'm counting on him to be a red-zone target for Matt Ryan -- the guy is 6-foot-8! Will he be one every single week? Doubt it.
Jermaine Gresham (5.4): Might have a chance at some decent numbers now that Tyler Eifert is sidelined. Still like other tight ends like Delanie Walker, Charles Clay and Jared Cook better.

Defense/Special Teams
Falcons (2.6): I don't see Atlanta winning many games on the strength of its defense. The Bengals should put up plenty of yards and points.
Bengals (6.6): With the Falcons O-line already a bit of a mess we could see them rack up some sacks and a turnover or two. Barely good enough to roll with this week, if only to not cut and use someone else on waivers.

Saints at Browns, Sun., 1 p.m. ET

You might think the Saints will come into the game believing they can just out-score the Browns and roll to a win, but the Steelers might have thought the same thing last week and almost lost despite a 27-3 halftime lead. An interesting storyline: Rex Ryan disciple Mike Pettine will test his defense against a team that boasts a defense led by Rex Ryan's brother, Rob. Familiarity in the defenses could end up helping both teams.

Drew Brees (9.4): Brees has six 20-point Fantasy games in his last 12 games outdoors, which makes him a hair scary. Fun fact: Brees lit up Pettine's Bills defense and Rex Ryan's Jets defense in consecutive weeks last season for 66 total Fantasy points.
Brian Hoyer (3.1): I don't think Hoyer's going to do what Matt Ryan did last week to the Saints pass defense.

Running backs
Mark Ingram (7.7): It's impossible to auto-sit Ingram, even if he played just 20 snaps last week (he made the most of them!). The Browns' "improved" run defense allowed two rushing touchdowns and 4.5 yards per carry to the Steelers in Week 1.
Pierre Thomas (5.9): Thomas should be in the flex conversation in standard leagues and No. 2 running back talk in PPR formats. The Steelers exposed the flaws in the Browns defense versus running backs last week. Thomas totaled 80-plus yards in both games versus Bills and Jets defenses (very similar to 2014 Browns defense) last year.
Terrance West (7.3): I expect West to start and take advantage of the opportunity. Browns are going to lean on their backs for as long as they can.
Isaiah Crowell (3.7): Don't start the undrafted rookie, but do yourself a favor and stash him while you can. He's an excellent talent who's not too far off from getting some major opportunities.

Wide receivers
Marques Colston (8.4): Colston's success might hinge on whether or not Joe Haden sticks to him or plays to one side. It would be surprising to see Haden shadow the slow-footed Colston, which is a good thing since we want softer coverage for Colston. He's a solid No. 2 receiver.
Brandin Cooks (6.6): Cooks' usage was most impressive from Week 1, particularly the deep flag route for a 57-yard gain. He might see more of Haden than anyone else on the Saints. Consistency is tough to ask for from a rookie, even this one.
Andrew Hawkins (5.5): It would stand to reason that Hawkins would be in line for another high-catch game, if only because we know the Browns will play from behind. He's a great PPR flex.

Tight ends
Jimmy Graham (9.8): Against the similar Jets and Bills defenses which Browns coach Mike Pettine has managed, Graham had two touchdowns in each game. Nuff said.
Jordan Cameron (4.7): If he plays he won't be at 100 percent and his backups (Gary Barnidge and Jim Dray) won't be worth considering.

Defense/Special Teams
Saints (8.2): You'll like them because they're playing the Browns, but you'll love them because they should be able to get to Brian Hoyer and pick up a turnover or two along the way. They also should be better prepared for the Browns run game than the Steelers were.
Browns (1.9): Joe Haden and Karlos Dansby can't cover everybody.

Patriots at Vikings, Sun., 1 p.m. ET

Off-field storylines aside, this should be an entertaining game. As we talked about last week, the Vikings defense was and still is an under-the-radar unit. Head coach Mike Zimmer brought an aggressive scheme to Minneapolis and should end up attacking the Patriots O-line much like the Dolphins did last week (and as his Bengals defense did last year when they bottled up Tom Brady). Norv Turner's offenses have always passed well versus Bill Belichick's defenses, and that's going to have to be the case this time since there are major question marks in the Vikings run game. FYI, Turner's offenses put up points on Belichick but Belichick's Patriots have won five of the last six in the series between them.

Tom Brady (8.2): When Brady was bottled up by Zimmer's Bengals defenders last year it was in a rainstorm and without Rob Gronkowski drawing coverage. While normally I'd give Brady the benefit of the doubt, the truth is that he looked brutal last week (51.7 completion percentage with only three third-down completions!) and his offensive line basically have put out an open invitation for defenses to attack them. He's a little risky for me.
Matt Cassel (5.0): Would you believe the ex-Patriot has never taken on his former team? There could be some serious Spy vs. Spy stuff here. Cassel's playcaller, Norv Turner, has and his track record against Belichick coached defenses is pretty good as Philip Rivers and Jason Campbell have combined for four 300-yard games and four multi-touchdown games in six overall meetings. Does it mean Cassel can do it? You'll probably find out without him in your lineup.

Running backs
Shane Vereen (7.6): Easily the most impressive running back for the Patriots, Vereen even cashed in from inside the 5 last week for a goal-line score. The Patriots will find ways to use him, especially if he continues to eat up snaps (played 71 percent of the snaps last week).
Stevan Ridley (4.8): Last week was tough sledding for Ridley since he was in on just 22 of 86 snaps as the Pats played from behind. He also averaged 2.6 yards per carry on eight carries with 7 yards on two catches and Vereen vultured a touchdown from him. I'd nervously consider him for standard league flex duty.
Matt Asiata & Jerick McKinnon (4.6 avg.): Weird fact: In his last six games against Belichick, Turner has never had a 100-yard rusher and has only punched in touchdowns with running backs twice. Asiata might fall into the end zone and McKinnon's snaps could be limited. Asiata is the standard-league desperation option for Peterson while McKinnon could be the better PPR bet.

Wide receivers
Julian Edelman (6.7): Picked up where he left off last season, though he did plenty of damage without Rob Gronkowski on the field. Edelman had three third-down targets while Gronk had four plus a fourth-down target. You'll still start him.
Kenbrell Thompkins (3.8): He played just over half of the Patriots snaps, less than Danny Amendola, but had 10 targets. Converting only five for less than eight yards per pop is a red flag.
Cordarrelle Patterson (7.7): His Fantasy owners got lucky last week with his incredible 67-yard touchdown run, but it was just another reminder of how incredibly skilled he is. The Vikings used him similarly to how the Seahawks used Percy Harvin, except Patterson is bigger and stronger and maybe a hair slower. There will be more attention on him now that Peterson is out.
Greg Jennings (5.9): Sleeper? I think so. Led the Vikings with targets (seven), catches (six), receiving yards (58) and scored -- and that was mostly in the first half when the Vikings built their lead en route to a blowout (only nine second-half pass attempts). This week won't be a blowout so Jennings could get a lot more action, especially if Darrelle Revis is away from him.

Tight ends
Rob Gronkowski (9.4): Just 38 snaps last week, but he was not only targeted a team-high 11 times but was eyeballed by Brady four times on third down and once on fourth down. You can count on him to stay involved.
Kyle Rudolph (8.8): Norv Turner has used his tight ends well against Belichick's defenses -- in their last six meetings tight ends have accounted for a touchdown five times!

Defense/Special Teams
Patriots (5.9): The matchup got easier with Peterson deactivated, but it's hard to stay confident in this defense after getting pushed around by the Dolphins last week.
Vikings (3.0): The reason to cut the Vikings DST right now is because their next five games are against the Patriots, Saints, Falcons, Packers and Lions. Circle back for them in Week 7 when they play at Buffalo.

Cardinals at Giants, Sun., 1 p.m. ET

The Giants have to be under pressure already after getting thrown from pillar to post last week against a high-powered Lions offense. The Cardinals aren't exactly slouches despite putting up just 18 points last week in a narrow victory. The Giants will have a shot at staying in this game if they can consistently get to Carson Palmer, an issue the Chargers didn't entirely have a problem with last week with just two sacks and two quarterback hits on 37 dropbacks.

Carson Palmer (7.4): Tough to not like him given what Matthew Stafford did against the Giants last week. New York got off to a slow start last season against quarterbacks and seem to be on their way again this season. Palmer has too many players around him to view as anything worse than a low-end No. 1 Fantasy quarterback this week.
Eli Manning (OU812): It's hands off of Manning until he finally shows a semblance of knowing what he's doing out there.

Running backs
Andre Ellington (7.2): Ninety total yards on a bad foot seems pretty solid for Ellington. New York's run defense hung in there for most of last week's game against the Lions running backs but allowed 54 yards on seven catches to Reggie Bush and Joique Bell. Ellington should come close to totaling a good number in Week 2.
Rashad Jennings (7.1): With 96 total yards and a goal-line score, Jennings was easily the most impressive Giant last week. They'll need him again this week and there's a shot he'll be useful for Fantasy.
Andre Williams (1.2): Don't start Williams, but be patient with him. He'll get a chance later on this season.

Wide receivers
Michael Floyd (8.2): His team-high seven targets last week speaks volumes for his potential from week to week. Enough to call him a No. 1 receiver? Given how the Giants fared against Calvin Johnson, I wouldn't exactly shy away from Floyd.
Larry Fitzgerald (7.5): It looked to me last week that Fitzgerald drew some double coverage at times and just couldn't get open at other times. His familiarity with the Giants defensive scheme and specifically Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has worked in his favor in the past.
Victor Cruz (4.6): Hands off until further notice, especially after this Cardinals defense contained Keenan Allen to five catches for 37 yards on nine targets.
Rueben Randle (4.4): I'm tempted to give him the nod but can't. No one involved in the Giants receiving corps deserves a start right now.

Tight ends
John Carlson (1.1): An early catch vs. the Chargers last week was encouraging, but it was the only target he had in a close game. Still a non-factor.
Larry Donnell (6.4): Donnell was the Giants' best tight end in camp and flashed some more against the Lions last week. The Cardinals seem to still be susceptible to opposing tight ends. If you're in a bind after losing a tight end named Jordan, give Donnell a look.

Defense/Special Teams
Cardinals (9.0): A must-start considering how bad the Giants pass offense is. The Birds held Chargers running backs to 43 yards on 20 carries last week.
Giants (5.2): A must-sit considering how bad the Giants pass defense is. The Birds threw for over 300 yards against a better Chargers defense last week.

Lions at Panthers, Sun., 1 p.m. ET

All eyes will be on Cam Newton in this game as he makes his season debut against what should be an aggressive Lions defense. Chances are the Lions will attack the offensive line to try and force Newton into some mistakes, but give credit to the line for keeping Derek Anderson mostly clean last week (one sack on 34 dropbacks). Newton sometimes creates his own sacks and obviously getting hit is something the Panthers have to work around this week. The only time some members of this defense faced Cam was when he was a rookie and he threw four interceptions but still totaled three touchdowns and plenty of yardage. A lot has changed since then.

Matthew Stafford (9.0): I don't think the Panthers have an answer for the Lions passing game other than to pound Detroit's O-line and hope to hit Stafford. That might not be such a good plan. Also, don't forget that new Lions offensive coordinator used to work for New Orleans and is familiar with what the Panthers do defensively.
Cam Newton (7.8): Expect the Panthers to try and manage Newton from getting hit so much and either call for short passes or for him to roll out and throw long. The lack of experience the Lions defensive brain trust has in defending against Newton, Kelvin Benjamin and others will give the quarterback a shot at being productive.

Running backs
Reggie Bush (6.2): Look for Bush to make more of an impact for the Lions this week than last week, mainly on passing plays. He can help stretch out the Panthers defense and pick up yardage through the air, albeit not a ton of it.
Joique Bell (5.0): Bell had six games against Top 15 run defenses last season. He scored in two of them. The Panthers have allowed three rushing touchdowns to running backs in their last 18 games. Easy call.
Jonathan Stewart (4.8 avg.): The Panthers will be hard-headed and run the ball a decent amount with their backs, but against this run defense it's hard to expect anything good. Stew's track record without DeAngelo Williams is good but there's no telling if things will remain that way.

Wide receivers
Calvin Johnson (9.3): The Panthers won't have an answer for him (other than locking him in his hotel room the night before).
Golden Tate (7.4): I'm not sure the Panthers will have an answer for him, either. And the Lions will throw a bunch in this game. Tate is in the No. 2 receiver conversation.
Kelvin Benjamin (7.3): Speaking of not having answers, the Panthers are rapidly developing a guy who will be hard to take down much like Calvin Johnson was as a rookie. I'm not sure the Lions can double-cover Benjamin and still have enough to contain Newton if he decides to take off and run. Benjamin should have a good game.

Tight ends
Eric Ebron (6.0): Even though the Panthers gave up eight catches for 75 yards to tight ends last week, Ebron isn't quite a safe pick in Week 2. Playing just 30 percent of snaps in Week 1 says something.
Greg Olsen (8.6): After Larry Donnell made hay against the Lions and Olsen proving he's still relevant last week (he'll stay that way with Cam Newton under center), there's no doubting him in Week 2.

Defense/Special Teams
Lions (4.0): This one will come down to Cam: If he's not good, the Lions will thrive defensively even without a couple of starters in the secondary. If he is good, the Lions will struggle. Which side are you on?
Panthers (7.0): Fantasy owners should probably consider other options this week but not at the price of cutting this DST. If it's lose the Panthers or start them in an unfavorable matchup, take the matchup.

Jaguars at Redskins, Sun., 1 p.m. ET

The feeling here is that both teams will eye each others' secondaries and get excited. Both teams had breakdowns against their Week 1 opponents and they'll both work to try and find those openings again this week. After throwing a bunch of short passes last week, expect the Redskins to aim deeper and try to take advantage of a Jacksonville secondary potentially down two starters.

Chad Henne (2.5): The countdown clock to Blake Bortles in Jacksonville is on.
Robert Griffin III (6.6): RG3 isn't up against a dangerous pass rush like he was last week. Expect him to pick some things up from the Eagles win over the Jaguars last week. Also expect more than three deep pass attempts like he had in Week 1. Too cute to call him a sleeper?

Running backs
Toby Gerhart (6.7): Like the matchup for him if he plays, just wish he was closer to 100 percent. Wish his offensive line wasn't so leaky, too. Probably best as a flex.
Alfred Morris (8.8): I could see him scoring and grinding through the Jaguars, especially once Washington establishes the pass. I'm starting Morris with confidence.

Wide receivers
Marqise Lee (5.7): Despite last week's stats, Lee is more highly regarded than Hurns. He has the potential to break a short catch for a long play and there could be some of that against the Redskins.
Allen Hurns (4.9): Hurns should fall into numbers on the merit of being one of the last men standing in the Jaguars passing game.
DeSean Jackson (7.7): When Redskins coach Jay Gruden talked about throwing deeper, it was probably code for "let's take some shots with DeSean." They didn't do it at all last week! Bank on it this week against this secondary.
Pierre Garcon (6.9): It was nice to see Garcon as the top target for Griffin. It was also nice to see him land 10 or 12 chances. The receiving average will follow. He's a No. 2 receiver this week.

Tight ends
Marcedes Lewis (3.3): It's not that the matchup is bad for him, it's that trusting him is next to impossible. He dropped a crucial fourth-down pass last week.
Niles Paul (5.6): Paul is a sleeper who was not used very often in the Shanahan era. He has some athleticism and should see a bump in playing time with Jordan Reed out. If you're desperate, look him up.

Defense/Special Teams
Jaguars (4.8): They could be a source of sacks, perhaps a turnover and potentially hold the Redskins to under 21 points. But down a couple of starters, this isn't the week to get feisty and try them.
Redskins (7.4): Like the Jaguars, they could come up with a sack or two, a turnover or two and feasibly hold the Jags to under 21 points. I like them better than Jacksonville, but not by much.

Dolphins at Bills, Sun., 1 p.m. ET

We should see a lot of running. The Bills especially should get off to a fast start given the state of the Dolphins linebacker corps. The Dolphins could also quickly be effective on the ground after both Knowshon Moreno and Lamar Miller had big days against the believed-to-be-mighty Patriots run defense. Both teams run a no-huddle offense with a lean toward the ground game, so count on the backs getting work.

Ryan Tannehill (6.4): That nightmare game he had at Buffalo late last season could serve as motivation for Tannehill this week. After working a mostly efficient game last week, Tannehill should be able to use play-action to his benefit. He has 212 passing yards, one touchdown and two interceptions in two career games at Buffalo. He should at least match those good stats this week without as many giveaways.
EJ Manuel (3.3): Credit Manuel for finding a way to win last week at Chicago, mostly by staying out of the way and leaning on the ground game. Don't put him in lineups.

Running backs
Knowshon Moreno (7.5): May have had more opportunities last week because of a Lamar Miller first-half fumble, though Miller still played a bunch following the turnover. He's still the best overall back the Dolphins have because of his pass protection skills. He played 45 snaps to Miller's 28. He's a Top 20 running back.
Lamar Miller (6.8): The matchup is so juicy that Miller figures to still contend for enough stats to warrant a flex spot. Miller also was featured as a receiver in Week 1 (five targets, four catches) and also picked up some important work near the goal line (a touchdown catch counted; a five-yard touchdown run was called back by a penalty). Expect numbers.
C.J. Spiller (7.4): Nine of Spiller's 15 carries last week were good for four-plus yards on the ground, a welcomed sign after last season's boom-or-bust play. Spiller also has 10-plus Fantasy points in three of his last four against the Dolphins, and the one he didn't hit 10 points was a six-carry game last October. Roll with him.
Fred Jackson (6.0): With just 10 touches and four fewer snaps than Spiller last week, we could see a changing of the guard in Buffalo. Jackson scored in each game against the Dolphins last season and could contend for another if the Bills try and cram the ball on the ground. But he's still just a flex.

Wide receivers
Mike Wallace (6.4): Wallace made some nice plays last week and scored a touchdown, but he's still not trustworthy outside of the No. 3 receiver/flex roles. The Bills defense found a way to keep the Bears receivers in relative check last week and could do the same this week against Wallace, who had back-to-back games with 10-plus Fantasy points just once last year.
Sammy Watkins (4.5): We expect Watkins to be a stud eventually. Doing it on four targets a week while playing in a run-heavy offense is going to be tough, though.

Tight ends
Charles Clay (7.4): Clay should be more involved in this matchup and the Bills could yield a touchdown to him after not being able to contain Martellus Bennett early on in Week 1. He's had six or fewer Fantasy points in four straight against Buffalo.

Defense/Special Teams
Dolphins (6.0): Potentially losing three linebackers while getting thin at safety doesn't make for an encouraging defense. Giving up a lot of rushing yardage won't help much, either.
Bills (4.4): The potential for another quality game like the one Tannehill and Moreno had last week is enough to scare me into starting another DST as a one-week replacement.

Seahawks at Chargers, 4:05 p.m. ET

San Diego deserves credit for hanging tough against a good Arizona defense on the road. Now it faces a tougher defense at home. Adding to the challenge is the season-ending injury to veteran center Nick Hardwick, who previously has not missed a game since 2009. The target will be square on the chest of backup center Rich Ohrnberger, who drew a decent grade from ProFootballFocus.com in Week 1 but was a poor pass blocker in 2013. Also of note: The Seahawks had nine days off heading into this game while the Chargers had six.

Russell Wilson (6.2): This specific type of situation -- away from Seattle and outdoors -- typically has been where Wilson struggles to deliver big Fantasy numbers. The Chargers pass rush doesn't seem to be too dangerous and the secondary is vulnerable. Wilson got away with some bad passes last week but he should be fine this week as a low-end starter if you so choose. I like Jake Locker and Carson Palmer better.
Philip Rivers (4.8): Normally a fan of Rivers, I can't justify starting him in a too-tough matchup. Figure the Chargers to take aim at slot corner Marcus Burley and potentially move Keenan Allen into that spot. But if the Chargers react to Richard Sherman like the Packers did, they're going to play into the hands of the Seattle defense as a unit.

Running backs
Marshawn Lynch (9.1): Beast Mode should be in start mode until further notice.
Ryan Mathews (4.9): It's not impossible for Mathews to have a good game against the Seahawks, but that's a tough run defense and Mathews will be playing without his top center for the rest of his season. Out of the last 19 games, the Seahawks allowed a running back to 10-plus Fantasy points six times. Just once last season did Mathews not deliver 10-plus Fantasy points in a home game.
Danny Woodhead (4.0): Last week's game was a total letdown. Only seven touches and one target? Now's not the time to go contrarian and expect the wrong of Week 1 to be corrected.

Wide receivers
Percy Harvin (7.0): His Week 1 efforts leave so much to the imagination -- the Seahawks clearly have ways to make him dangerous. The Chargers secondary is vulnerable. Call Harvin a No. 2 Fantasy option.
Doug Baldwin (3.1): While his playing time should be plentiful, his targets aren't promised to be. Starting Baldwin probably makes sense in weeks where the Seahawks will have to throw. That will be the case next week, not this week.
Keenan Allen (5.4): If the Seahawks stick with Richard Sherman on the left side of their defense, the Chargers will move Allen away from him frequently and take their chances with cornerbacks Byron Maxwell and Marcus Burley. Allen should be able to win those matchups. Problem is that there will be safeties over the top to keep Allen limited. He'll fare no better than Jordy Nelson did a week ago.
Malcom Floyd (4.4): So if Allen lines up away from Sherman, does it mean Floyd takes on Sherman? It's possible, and if it happens it would actually be a decent matchup between two tall, athletic players. We saw Floyd score on Patrick Peterson last week. The Chargers have already said they will attempt passes in Sherman's direction.

Tight ends
Antonio Gates (6.2): Clearly still a relevant part of the Chargers offense, and will clearly be a target of the Seahawks defense. Only six tight ends scored on the Seahawks last year.

Defense/Special Teams
Seahawks (8.8): The Chargers offense has firepower, but so did the Packers. This unit is too good to sit.
Chargers (6.4): San Diego allowed 19.6 points per game at home last season and took on the likes of the Colts, Broncos, Cowboys and Bengals. This defense is better than last year's. The Chargers are a sleeper this week.

Rams at Buccaneers, Sun., 4:05 p.m. ET

The matchup to watch here is the Buccaneers passing game versus the Rams pass defense. We've seen the top tier receivers play well against the Rams in the past, including last week. The key will be Josh McCown avoiding the Rams pass rush. If he can do it, the Buccaneers should fare well.

Shaun Hill (2.9): The matchup isn't exactly devastating, but it's not a gift either. Plus Hill isn't 100 percent healthy. You know what to do with him.
Josh McCown (5.6): McCown took on these Rams last year while with the Bears and threw for 352 yards and two touchdowns with a turnover. He might find a way to score two touchdowns this week, but the yardage might not reach half as much. You can do better than this.

Running backs
Zac Stacy (6.3): Stacy had a few flashes last week, but it's hard to have a good game when you get just 12 touches. Cunningham actually played one more snap than Stacy. With the Bucs expected to stack the box and make Hill throw, it could be another tough week for Stacy -- make him no better than a flex. Week 3 vs. Dallas should be better.
Benny Cunningham (2.8): He looks like the Rams passing downs back, which suggests that if they're playing from behind he'll be on the field more. It doesn't mean big numbers, however, and using him is a risk.
Doug Martin (6.1): It looks like Martin has a shot to play, but the matchup is tough and there's no telling just how much he will actually go. Think flex. The Rams will try to force the Bucs to pass.

Wide receivers
Brian Quick (5.1): He looks like the best receiver for the Rams, which is like being the best-looking man in an empty room. He's worth rostering in deeper PPR leagues for now but isn't worth a start.
Vincent Jackson (8.6): The Rams continue to struggle with big-play receivers (and even not-so-big play receivers) so Jackson is well worth starting at home against this secondary.
Mike Evans (6.0): I'd consider Evans a major sleeper this week in all leagues, including one-week formats. He had as many targets as Jackson last week, even making one more catch for one more yard than Jackson. Evans would have also picked up a short touchdown had he not stepped out of bounds first. I'd roll the dice on him in flex leagues.

Tight ends
Jared Cook (6.6): Feels like a low-end sleeper if only because the Buccaneers were busted up by Greg Olsen pretty badly last week and Cook figures to be remain a fixture in the Rams passing game.
Brandon Myers (3.1): Felt like he was a part of the offense as a check-down guy last week, and this week I'm not sold on the Buccaneers throwing in a come-from-behind effort. Plus I can't trust him compared to other tight ends.

Defense/Special Teams
Rams (8.4): Look for more than the one sack they had last week against the Vikings. The D-line will have to be aggressive against the Bucs' questionable offensive line.
Buccaneers (7.8): There isn't enough talent on the Rams to think they can put up more than, say, 21 points. That alone should make the Bucs a desirable unit.

Jets at Packers, Sun., 4:25 p.m. ET

A lot of people are going to automatically start Packers players, and for good reason. Should there be concern for Eddie Lacy the week after suffering his second concussion in a calendar year? If the Packers play him, you should too. Last year after suffering a concussion, he missed a game and then roared back for six straight games with at least 22 carries. He's had more than a week to recover from the big hit and shouldn't play any less violently because of it. The bigger worries are whether or not the Packers will keep him out there in a blowout victory and the matchup against a good Jets run defense.

Geno Smith (3.9): Even with the Packers secondary a mess, this is not the time to get cute and go with Smith.
Aaron Rodgers (9.6): The Jets secondary is a major mess (even with Dee Milliner back), one that the Raiders even took advantage of at times last week. Look for Rodgers to make up for his Week 1 disappointment with a Top 3 finish this week.

Running backs
Chris Johnson (6.6): Figure Johnson to play more often than Ivory, if only because he's the better suited back to play from behind. He was a fine starting option last week, but this week he's more of a flex at best.
Chris Ivory (3.8): One big run against a bad Raiders defense made Ivory last week. Sure, the Packers run defense is nothing to write home about and he could do it again, but I wouldn't trust him in my lineups.
Eddie Lacy (8.2): It's the second straight tough matchup for Lacy -- the Jets have allowed nine rushing touchdowns to running backs in their last 17 games (all of last year and Week 1 this year). Only one guy has had over 100 yards rushing on them in that span. It's not enough to sit Lacy unless you're loaded with running backs.

Wide receivers
Eric Decker (5.8): Decker isn't a bad PPR option since the Jets figure to play from behind, but there are better receivers to go with this week. It's not like he's Percy Harvin and can burn past Packers defenders.
Jordy Nelson (9.2): The Jets secondary remains hobbled and the Packers are going to take advantage. Nelson made a couple of uncharacteristic mistakes last week and should atone for them here.
Randall Cobb (9.0): Nine targets last week and a nice touchdown snare evoked plenty of confidence. A slow Jets secondary will have a hard time catching up with him in this matchup.
Jarrett Boykin (5.2): Will he be lined up on Richard Sherman this week and sacrificed to the Football Gods? Nope. He still played 79 percent of the snaps. I bet a bag of cheese curds that Rodgers will repay Boykin for what he did last week with a touchdown. He's a sleeper.

Tight ends
Jeff Cumberland (5.8): Smith has looked Cumberland's way in the end zone before and the Jets could take advantage of the Packers linebackers by using the play-action pass to hit him. I think he could score but wouldn't start him unless absolutely desperate.
Richard Rodgers (2.3): Last week left him in the dog house with Fantasy owners. He's worth keeping tabs on as he continues to gain experience with the Packers offense.

Defense/Special Teams
Jets (2.0): Against Derek Carr? Sure. Against Aaron Rodgers?! No thanks.
Packers (8.0): Against the Seahawks in Seattle? No thanks. Against Geno Smith at home?! Sure.

Texans at Raiders, Sun., 4:25 p.m. ET

So even though Bill O'Brien didn't take on the Raiders last season, his quarterback and top receiver did. With the Titans, Ryan Fitzpatrick completed over 70 percent of his passes for 320 yards and two touchdowns at Oakland while Andre Johnson nabbed 10 passes for 116 yards. What's changed for the Raiders defense? Not much. The Texans should put up some numbers.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (5.8): Not only did Fitzpatrick have a big game against the Raiders last year, he had a bigger game against them back when he was with the Bills in 2011. So we're going to start him, right?! Nah, probably not. He's a pretty decent boom-or-bust in two-quarterback and one-week leagues.
Derek Carr (2.9): Carr had some nice moments against the Jets last week and will continue to show flashes, but the stats aren't there yet.

Running backs
Arian Foster (9.5): A must against a Raiders defense that couldn't figure out Chris Johnson or slow down Chris Ivory. Foster is better than both of those guys and will get lots of work.
Darren McFadden (5.7 avg.): It's not that the Texans run defense is that good -- Alfred Morris put together 91 yards on 14 carries last week. It's that McFadden isn't reliable in a starting role. He's a flex candidate.

Wide receivers
Andre Johnson (8.7): Dre's track record against the Raiders is hit or miss, but the Raiders pass defense is just a pure miss. The X-factor is whether or not the Texans will need to throw on them. The hunch here is that Johnson will play well, in part because of Fitzpatrick's track record.
DeAndre Hopkins (3.9): Had a nice long touchdown catch last week against busted coverage. Could it happen again? Sure, but I wouldn't bank on it for Fantasy. Matchups down the line will call for more Texans passing and in those games Hopkins should be flex-worthy.
Rod Streater (4.0): Streater had seven targets last week, but they were fairly high-percentage passes (not deep ones like Denarius Moore has). He's safest of the group of Raiders receivers but ultimately still a flex guy, especially in PPR.
James Jones (2.2): Not buying it -- he had the nifty 30-yard touchdown pass last week and had 4 yards on two catches otherwise. He didn't even make 10 Fantasy points in a standard league.

Tight ends
Garrett Graham (3.8): He had a huge game versus Oakland last season (seven catches for 136 yards and a touchdown) and is expected to play this week. It's hard to trust him even with the nice history.
Mychael Rivera (4.0): Like Graham, Rivera had a touchdown and 54 yards on five grabs against the Texans last season. In a game the Raiders won, that's information the coaching staff could lean on. Still tough to trust him.

Defense/Special Teams
Texans (6.8): It's a good defense anchored by J.J. Watt against a rookie making his second start. Seems like a good deal.
Raiders (2.5): Khalil Mack flashed last week for the Raiders on defense, but there are still too many holes to fill.

Chiefs at Broncos, Sun., 4:25 p.m. ET

After losing at home to the Titans and losing two starting run-stoppers, the Chiefs are entering this game in rough shape. One way to slow down Peyton Manning is to keep him off the field, and the Chiefs can do that by leaning on their ground game and play-action passing. Bank on a serious overcompensation for not giving Jamaal Charles enough work last week and figure him for a minimum of 20 touches, which is right around what he had in each game against the Broncos last year.

Alex Smith (5.4): He threw two touchdowns and ran for at least 40 yards in each game against the Broncos last season, and the Denver defense doesn't seem to be completely revamped. We know he'll eventually have to throw and with Dwayne Bowe back in the fold, it's not crazy to think of using Smith. If you're sour on RG3 or don't trust Jay Cutler's matchup, then you could go with Smith.
Peyton Manning (9.8): Unrelated-to-Peyton note/embarrassing fact about the author, Vol. 2 of 16: I won a student government representative seat in high school by rapping to a cafeteria full of freshmen.

Running backs
Jamaal Charles (8.9): This will be a nice early-season test for the Broncos run defense, which passed the eyeball test last week against a Colts offense that will struggle to run. But note that Ahmad Bradshaw and Trent Richardson totaled 101 yards on eight catches. Look for Charles to be utilized in passing situations.
Montee Ball (9.4): I would be floored if Ball didn't have a great game against a Chiefs defense without its best run stuffer in linebacker Derrick Johnson. If the Broncos eventually build a lead, Ball will be the guy to grind down the clock. Plus, he could help create that lead. Must-start guy in every single format, including the one-week thrills.

Wide receivers
Dwayne Bowe (6.8): Bowe had under 60 yards in each game against the Broncos last year, scoring in one. I had him ranked higher earlier in the week figuring he was a safe bet to score considering the Broncos secondary last week, but moved him down because it's tough to trust him. He's best as a flex.
Demaryius Thomas (9.4): The Chiefs secondary stinks. Thomas had over 100 yards in both games against them last season without scoring. This year he might score and deliver the century mark.
Emmanuel Sanders (8.5): Peyton Manning picked on the Colts for not having an answer for Julius Thomas. This week he should pick on the Chiefs for not having an answer for any of his receivers. Sanders should still be highly regarded and in Fantasy lineups.

Tight ends
Travis Kelce (4.8): Here's hoping for a big bump in playing time from Kelce this week after he had just 18 snaps in their Week 1 loss. If we don't see it then he might not be the sleeper pick we were all hoping for.
Julius Thomas (9.6): Thomas scored and had 43 yards in one meeting with Kansas City last season. The Chiefs can use safety Eric Berry to try and negate Thomas' game-breaking skills. He's still a must-start.

Defense/Special Teams
Chiefs (1.3): Without two starters at the Broncos? Don't do it.
Broncos (6.3): I wouldn't be surprised if the Chiefs put up some points in this one, garbage time or not.

Bears at 49ers, Sun., 8:30 p.m. ET

This appears to be the toughest matchup the Bears will have all season. The 49ers are sure to attack the Bears offensive line, which is down two starters. That could spell big trouble for Jay Cutler if the Bears have to play from behind in the second half.

Jay Cutler (5.5): Cutler's a different quarterback on the road than he is at home and is a different quarterback when there's pressure on him versus when he has a clean pocket. I can promise you that the 49ers game plan for him will be the same as the one they had for Tony Romo last week. Also, the Bears receivers are hurting. What a mess. I'm not starting Cutler so long as I can help it.
Colin Kaepernick (8.8): If that Bears defense continues to look as bad as it did last week against Buffalo then you can be sure the 49ers will poke more holes in it. The Bears had a hard time defending the zone read and Kaepernick is a master at it. Remember what he did to the Packers when they couldn't stop the zone-read? Start him.

Running backs
Matt Forte (8.3): The 49ers run defense wasn't so hot last week against the Cowboys as DeMarco Murray has 118 yards on the ground and another 25 through the air. But if the Bears play without Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery then the 49ers can focus everything on Forte. That would be a problem.
Frank Gore (8.1): Gore got plenty of work last week and could be in line for another dose of carries in what might become a blowout win. We'd trust him even though he didn't score -- he still played 42 of 58 snaps in a big win. The matchup seems just too rich.
Carlos Hyde (6.0): If Hyde hadn't have scored last week you might not be considering him. Truth is, the matchup might provide enough opportunities for Hyde to run wild if the Niners build a lead as expected. He only played 15 snaps last week and would need another touchdown or that garbage time to really be helpful for Fantasy owners.

Wide receivers
Brandon Marshall (7.9): The 49ers cornerbacks aren't in good shape but neither is Marshall. If his ankle injury keeps him below full strength then his ability to cut and change direction will be affected and that's a problem for a quality route-runner like him. He'd be hands off in one-week leagues and probably end up with No. 2 receiver expectations.
Alshon Jeffery (7.1): Like Marshall, Alshon Jeffery is dealing with an injury -- a hamstring in his case. That could impact his speed and jumping ability, two areas of his game that have helped him become a Fantasy mainstay. This is a good week to try getting away from Jeffery if you have a promising receiver with a good matchup on the roster.
Michael Crabtree (7.6): Crabtree was a let down in Week 1 and played on just 37 of 58 snaps with two catches on four targets. A sign he's hurt, or just the way the flow of the game went down? He only had one second-half target and Kap threw it just 10 times. Either way, Crabtree was a full participant in practice early in the week and should rebound against a quickly unwinding Bears defense.
Anquan Boldin (5.6): Q's becoming one of Fantasy's most underappreciated players. All he did in Week 1 was lead the Niners in targets with nine, catches with eight and yardage with 99. The guy gets it done. I can't think of a reason to not like him this week other than if the Niners build a lead and sit on the clock with the run game. Or that they want to involve Crabtree more.

Tight ends
Martellus Bennett (5.0): We touted Bennett last week because he had a favorable matchup, plus he tends to get off to hot starts before cooling off. Well, the 49ers are bringing the ice bucket -- even if he's the top target for Jay Cutler it's hard to expect a huge game (or even a touchdown) from Bennett.
Vernon Davis (9.0): I'm not sure the Bears have a safety or linebacker that can consistently cover a tight end, especially one as athletic as Davis. Keep him active.

Defense/Special Teams
Bears (0.1): You can drop the Bears DST for this game and look to pick them up again in Week 3 against the Jets (or not). There's no way they should be started.
49ers (8.6): Whether Brandon Marshall and/or Alshon Jeffery play or not, this DST is worth it. Expect sacks, turnovers and perhaps another defensive touchdown.

Eagles at Colts, Mon., 8:30 p.m. ET

We saw it in the preseason and we saw it again in Week 1: Nick Foles does not handle pressure well. He'll take on the Colts without three starting offensive linemen, which will definitely not go unnoticed by Colts defensive minded coach Chuck Pagano. I'd be careful trusting Foles this week.

Nick Foles (7.0): Sure, the matchup seems fine after Peyton carved up his old team last week, though it's important to note that they held him to only 61.1 completion percentage and 7.47 yards per attempt. That's actually not too bad of a pass defense all things considered. I'm mostly worried about Foles staying upright behind that offensive line, which is why I've pulled him from most of my lineups.
Andrew Luck (9.2): There's no way I'd sit Luck against this woeful Eagles secondary. It would be a major upset if he came away without multiple touchdowns.

Running backs
LeSean McCoy (9.3): We all will start him but the offensive line will be an issue for him, too. Expect McCoy to make a lot of big things happen on edge runs and screens.
Darren Sproles (5.2): Take away Sproles' big touchdown run last week (on a play where the Jags defense was completely out of position on, by the way) and he was pretty much invisible. Don't count on him to come through with another big game.
Ahmad Bradshaw (5.6): It makes too much sense for the Colts to go with Bradshaw. He's their better, most versatile running back. He had more snaps last week because the Colts were playing from behind but he should have more this week too. Trent Richardson just doesn't belong out there so long as Bradshaw is healthy.

Wide receivers
Jeremy Maclin (6.2): There's plenty of excitement for Maclin, but what did he do last week that DeAndre Hopkins or Steve Smith didn't do? Take away J-Mac's 68-yard touchdown grab and he had three receptions for 29 yards. Fantasy owners can't expect a big bomb on broken coverage every week, especially against better disciplined defenses.
Riley Cooper (5.3): Coop's size advantage could work on shorter routes against the Colts' cornerbacks. That'll come in handy in the red zone on quick out routes. He's a sleeper for me.
Jordan Matthews (2.5): I'm still hanging on to him and might even consider him a sleeper as well for Week 2. Foles just missed him a couple of times last week.
Reggie Wayne (8.1): The first thing I learned was that Wayne was still in very good shape and still was Andrew Luck's top target. There's no doubting it after the game he had last week (nine catches for 98 yards on 13 targets). Keep him rolling.
T.Y. Hilton (7.2): Hilton didn't deliver last week but played a ton and had 11 targets while his quarterback threw for 370 yards. Just a weird thing. Luck won't throw as much this week but Hilton should still get some quality targets and should have a better shot to score playing at home, where his best numbers have come.
Hakeem Nicks (4.4): Nicks should still be involved in the Colts offense but can he score again after finding the end zone for the first time since 2012? Put him in the sleeper category.

Tight ends
Zach Ertz (9.2): Pretty much the only Eagle, besides Shady, that I can't wait to start after Julius Thomas blasted the Colts for three touchdowns. A must start.
Dwayne Allen (7.6): I like Allen this week against the Eagles linebackers and safeties. I think we'll see him work as a red-zone threat almost weekly.

Defense/Special Teams
Eagles (3.3): Can't trust them at Andrew Luck's place. Might get a sack or two, that's about it.
Colts (5.6): If sacks count big in your league, look up this DST. If they don't, then pass on them.

Steelers at Ravens, Thu., 8:25 p.m. ET

These teams play each other twice a year and usually the first meeting is low scoring. And usually both teams have very strong defenses, but last week the Steelers gave up 183 rushing yards to the Browns -- 121 in the second half. The Ravens have to see that and aim to test Pittsburgh's run defense first and foremost.

Ben Roethlisberger (5.2): He's thrown one touchdown in four of his last five versus Baltimore, a bad sign. Positives: He threw two scores in his most recent meeting and he's played well in his last two Thursday games. I still don't love him.
Joe Flacco (4.4): Like Roethlisberger, Flacco has one touchdown in four of his last five versus Pittsburgh, but without the recent multi-score game. And unlike Roethlisberger, Flacco hasn't been on his game for some time now. He shouldn't be on rosters.

Running backs
Le'Veon Bell (9.0): Last season Bell destroyed the Ravens run defense for 235 total yards (at least 99 total per game) with a touchdown. He's coming off of a huge game and will combine for at least 125 yards without breaking a sweat.
LeGarrette Blount (3.7): Your only hope is if he scores a touchdown. It's Week 2, there's no reason to be desperate enough to start him.
Bernard Pierce (6.5; 6.0 in PPR): Ravens have scored one rushing touchdown in their last four against Pittsburgh, but the Steelers run defense was really rusty last week. Pierce, who has a career 3.6 rushing average against the Steelers, will likely work as their rushing downs back. I might give him a chance.
Justin Forsett (6.4; 6.8 in PPR): Forsett surprised last week against the Bengals and probably will pick up much of his work in passing situations with some run stuff mixed in. He's a real good PPR Flex and a big-time sleeper in one-week leagues.

Wide receivers
Antonio Brown (8.3): One 100-yard game, no career touchdowns against the Ravens for Brown. Does it mean you should sit him? I wouldn't -- he's been incredibly consistent since the Steelers went to the no-huddle with 10-plus Fantasy points in eight of his last 10 overall.
Markus Wheaton (5.0): I like the idea of owning Wheaton, but using him as a PPR flex is too steep for this matchup. Take away A.J. Green's acrobatic touchdown catch-and-run and Bengals receivers tallied 109 yards on 19 targets.
Torrey Smith (4.9): How does Joe Flacco throw it 62 times and only aim for Torrey seven times?! His recent track record vs. the Steelers is hit or miss. There are safer receivers to start.
Steve Smith (4.9): Smith has had amazing Week 1 games in each of his previous four seasons (five if you count last Sunday). He's also been money in Week 2 games in four of his last five years, but downright horrible in his last two Thursday nighters. Flex potential here.

Tight ends
Heath Miller (7.8): Surprisingly, Miller had eight or more Fantasy points in each of his last three against the Ravens.
Dennis Pitta (8.2): Pitta has never scored on the Steelers in six career games and has 46 yards on five catches as a personal best ... and I don't care. He's still start-worthy.

Defense/Special Teams
Steelers (7.6): It will be interesting to see how the Steelers come out after blowing such a huge lead last week. I'd start them again because A) this should be a low-scoring game and B) I'm not ready to give up on them and swap them for someone else on waivers.
Ravens (5.0): Put them as part of the teams in the stream since their run defense has looked legit thus far. Low-scoring nature of the series helps but Steelers offense can be explosive.