Fall is here, which means perfect golf weather is also here. It's an exciting time of the season for those of us who don't play professionally, and I have a few goodies I thought I'd throw your way as you get ready for the best time of the year for golf. 

SportRx Oakley Flak 2.0 XL ($160 | SportRx): This is an innovative company that has specialized in custom prescription sunglasses for two decades. They work with brands like Oakley to help folks who compete athletically see better while they're playing. I love the look of these Flak 2.0 XL glasses, with or without a prescription, but they're just what you're looking for if you struggle with your vision on the course.


Linksoul Kirkwall Down Vest ($150 | Linksoul): Friends, it's vest season. This Linksoul down vest is a good one, too. It's warm, but not too thick. You can still hit the range or play 18 in it without feeling like the Michelin Man swinging a club. As an Oklahoma State alum, I also appreciate the color scheme.


Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor ($499 | Rapsodo): Sure, you could spend $25,000 on a TrackMan Launch Monitor (and I wouldn't blame you, although I would have some questions). Or you could spend two percent of that and get nearly as good a product. Rapsodo has developed a (relatively) cheap product that's easy to transport and fascinating to toy around with. Kudos.


Linksoul True X Knit Shoe ($148 | Linksoul): These shoes are super light, multifunctional and -- most importantly -- they look great. I wear them everywhere, not just on the course, and they go with pretty much any attire (shorts, pants, dress pants, golf pants). I only have a few pairs of shoes I wear regularly, and the Linksoul True X knits are certainly among them.


Straight Down Trademark Hat ($30 | Straight Down): I love this hat. As you can imagine, I have a closet full of golf hats at home, and I consistently find myself grabbing this one to wear either on the course or throughout the day. I love the way it fits and love the way it looks. Great price, too.