Bubba Watson finished T8 in his first Olympics, nine shots away from winner Justin Rose. Nevertheless, Watson raved about the experience he had in going to Rio for the 2016 Olympics. It was a thrill all week and the generally mercurial Watson was upbeat and positive no matter how the shots were going.

His take on Sunday was smart as he noted how unique the Olympics are.

"The Masters, I get the Masters for the rest of my life, but it's just golf," said Watson. "There's no other events going on. And so when you talk about a sporting event, this is a dream come true, and to be a part of it, it's the greatest event I've ever been a part of."

Watson basked in the unique nature of the Rio Olympics by going to a variety of sports and meeting every Olympian he could find. This is the essence of why the Olympics matter. The experiences you get at an Olympics are so different than every other golf tournament, and I thought Watson summed that up well.

"I met Greg Louganis," added Watson. "The guy is a legend. Then I got the cowbell rang. The field hockey team loves me now. Matt Kuchar got a medal. I'm an Olympian. You want me to keep going? I ran into some track and field people. I can just keep going on and on. This is an absolute thrill of a lifetime ... this is the greatest sporting event I've ever been a part of and associated with, and it's a thrill of a lifetime."

Watson's point is not that Olympic golf is better than other golf. Just that the Olympics as a whole are the greatest sporting event on earth. This is a take I think most humans who consume sports would agree with.

Matt Kuchar certainly does.

"I'm guessing I speak for all of us up here, but we're all fans of sport," said Kuchar. "Olympics come around only once every four years, and as a fan of sport you just can't wait to watch and root on the guys for your country and just see great things happen."

Justin Rose explained this in his own way.

"I've never seen my little boy in tears," Rose told Golf Channel. "I've never seen it resonate so much with him. He's 7, he's just starting to understand what sports is all about. He was crying when I phoned him."

Well said. And well done by all.