On a quiet night this week at Anaconda Hills Golf Course in Montana, a man named George Cook lit up the skies with two aces in the same nine-hole round. Cook was playing in his weekly league, and he aced No. 13 and No. 15 en route to (obviously) winning his match.

The odds of such a thing are 67 million to one, according to the National Hole In One Registry (and that's in an 18-hole round). 

"First one ever," Cook told the Great Falls Tribune after shooting a 33 over nine holes. "I figured I could check off the old bucket list." 

"Oh my god. It was crazy," Cook said of his second one. "I'm just a hack, like everybody else. I'd never even been close to one before. It was really cool. I had guys from all over the course coming over and congratulating me."

An awesome moment for one of us hacks who loves the game. And a night Cook, and those he was playing with, will never forget.