Tiger Woods and Notah Begay, still buddies. (Getty Images)
Tiger Woods and Notah Begay, still buddies. (Getty Images)

Notah Begay will never be confused with Carl Bernstein or Bob Woodward. For now, though, he's all we have when it comes to Tiger Woods news.

Begay said recently that he'd been hanging with Big Cat and that Woods' decision to skip the Arnold Palmer Invitational was the correct one (I'm not sure what else we would have expected him to say.

"I spent quite a bit of time the last couple of weeks down at Tiger's house, trying to be a good running mate and going through workouts and practicing with him," said Begay on Golf Channel.

"I can attest to the fact that things are improving and that he is putting in some solid workdays. It is just not at the status that he wants it.

"He mentioned to me that he just wanted to come back when he was ready to win. I agreed with him 100 percent."

Additionally, Woods' agent Mark Steinberg told ESPN Woods is bummed about Bay Hill.

"He's grinding. He's really, really working," said Steinberg. "Everyone knows he's working toward the Masters, he wants to play there. But having said that, he really wanted to play in the worst way [at Bay Hill]. He wanted to play at Honda."

Bay Hill and Honda are done and gone. I don't think he'll play the Masters either.

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