Donald Trump's promise to Scotland. (HBO)
Donald Trump's promise to Scotland. (HBO)

The Scots are not big fans of Donald Trump. No surprise there, but this HBO Real Sports documentary details why that's the case. Trump has been building Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen for years now, and it is not going well.

Oh the course is fine. It is completed, and it looks great. But as first minister of Scottish parliament Alex Salmond lays out in the documentary, Trump wrote checks he hasn't cashed yet. 

"What we were promised was billions of dollars and thousands of jobs," Salmond said. "[His reputation is] dreadful. Sub-zero. Donald couldn't get elected the dog catcher [here in Scotland]."

So there's that, but Salmond wasn't done yet.

“It’s not really for us to determine whether America elects a Democrat or a Republican, a left-winger or a right-winger, that’s up to the people of America," added Salmond. "But the choice between sanity and insanity, that’s a different choice altogether. That involves the world. [Trump is] not in the sane spectrum.”

Residents of Aberdeen were less kind. The documentary shows a couple who live close to the property who were irate that he turned their old Scottish countryside into a golf course and (maybe eventually a resort).

"This is a piece of country you can't replace," said one Scotsman. "That's why he came here because it's a beautiful piece of country. So why does he want to s--- all over it? [Residents] dream they're going to be in the jacuzzi with Tiger Woods ... that's b-------."

Trump's response? "We're suing essentially Scotland," said Trump.

"We're suing a country. We're doing very well. I think I'm doing a great service for that country."

Why? Windmills have popped up all over the countryside to provide clean energy for the Scottish people. Trump is not pleased, and said they're an eyesore.

So yeah, this whole project (which is not finished yet although the course is done) is not going well. Of course if Trump gets elected president, he'll have a lot of other things to worry about.