Tiger Woods will return to the PGA Tour next week at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines (where he has won eight times). But first, Woods got a round in with former President Barack Obama in Florida last week.

According to Tim Rosaforte of Golf Channel, Woods and Obama played at The Floridian. Rosaforte also shared that Claude Harmon III, Jim Crane and Obama all noted that Woods seems like a different person altogether these days. That's something Rory McIlroy also noted from Abu Dhabi.

"I've only been through 5 percent of what he's had to go through [physically]," said McIlroy. "And you can tell like from where he was to where he is now mentally because of physically where he is; he's a totally different person. Of course I empathize with him, and I know he was in a dark place there for awhile. It's just so great to see him out of that and back and excited to be playing golf again."

Obama, whose game Woods once talked about on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," also took a lesson from Harmon, who said this about him recently in an interview.

"I told him he needed to aim his shoulders more to the left, and he said, 'Claude, I'm rarely told I need to aim more left,'" Harmon told Golf Digest. "He's curious, asks a lot of questions. He said that when he came into office he had to make a choice whether to practice or play, that he wouldn't have time to do both. 

"He's one of those semi-serious golfers who alternates between making jokes about his bad shots and being disgusted by them."