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Tiger Woods underwent additional follow-up procedures Friday for injuries he sustained in a single car accident in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The procedures were done at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he was transferred Wednesday night. Woods initially stayed at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center for three days following the crash, had a rod placed in his tibia and screws and pins inserted in his foot and ankle during emergency surgery.

In a statement posted to Twitter on Friday, Woods' account announced the additional surgeries.

Tiger has moved to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and received follow-up procedures on his injuries this morning. The procedures were successful, and he is now recovering and in good spirits.

Tiger and his family want to thank you all for he wonderful supports and messages they have received over the past few days. We will not have any further updates at this time.

Thank you for your continued privacy.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department indicated on Tuesday that Woods would have been transported to a facility other than Harbor-UCLA, a tier 1 trauma center, had his injuries been life-threatening. Instead, he landed at Harbor-UCLA for surgery on numerous substantial injuries in his lower right leg. The incident was ruled "purely accidental" following an investigation by the LACSD.

Officers also indicated that Tiger's life was saved because he was wearing his seatbelt and driving a 2021 Genesis SUV. The vehicle ended up hundreds of feet from a median, which he crossed, down at the bottom of a sloping gulley off the side of the road. According to the LACSD, Woods was alert and conscious at the scene of the crash -- despite a crushed front portion of his SUV -- before he was transported to Harbor-UCLA.

Anish Mahajan, the chief medical officer of Harbor-UCLA, provided a detailed update on Tiger's surgeries on Tuesday evening following his admittance to the hospital.

Mr. Tiger Woods was transferred to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for continuing orthopedic care and recovery. To respect patient confidentiality, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center will not provide any further information about the patient's care. On behalf of our staff, it was an honor to provide orthopedic trauma care to one of our generation's greatest athletes.

Dr. Michael Zuri, a specailist in sports injuries, told CBS Sports it was likely that Woods would need additional surgeries in the near and distant future as his right leg continues to heal from extensive injuries that required screws, rods and a fasciotomy "to relieve pressure due to swelling."

It is still unknown how long Woods will be at Cedars-Sinai, but it will likely be a while as doctors try and put the lower half of his body back together. This could include skin grafts on his severely injured right leg. Keeping the injuries and surgical wounds from infection will be paramount in the very near future, and a return to his home in Florida does not seem to be imminent.

"Learning to walk here is going to be a big step forward," said Dr. David Agus, a USC professor of medicine who was interviewed Wednesday on CBS Sports HQ. "Obviously, this is Tiger Woods. He is going to recover from this. He'll do a lot more than just walking, but it will take time."

"He's going to have multiple surgeries over the next week or two," said Dr. Zuri.  "This is definitely of a limb-threatening nature. Do I think he'll lose his leg? Probably not. ... The next week is crucial. Infection is a major concern. ... I would say a month is when they'll kind of know what's going on as long as he doesn't have a bone infection or soft tissue complication. This is a tenuous thing for a while."

Woods, who will not be charged by the LACSD, was in Los Angeles to host the Genesis Invitational, which is supported by his foundation and after the tournament, he was participating in a series of promotional video shoots with celebrities.

Tiger has not played professional golf since the PNC Challenge in December, which he played with his son Charlie. Woods was recovering from a fifth back surgery, which he underwent a few days before Christmas.