Tiger Woods isn't done yet. Not by a long shot.

For the first time since 2013, the world-famous golfer pulled out a victory on Sunday at the 2018 Tour Championship, and he did it after a half-decade of what looked like a fade to the shadows. Woods' 80th career PGA Tour win was a lock when he rolled a final-round 71 to best Billy Horschel, but the five years leading up to the tourney suggested Tiger's victory window may very well have closed.

Just a year earlier, in fact, he was rated No. 1,199 among international golfers, and he'd just wrapped up a fourth back surgery -- no small feat for a man who makes a living on the golf course.

Now, after Sunday, Woods is back in the spotlight, and for good reason. Danny Kanell and Raja Bell reacted to Tiger's epic victory on Monday's "Off the Bench" podcast, but they also explained why this week was the perfect time for Woods to confirm his stunning comeback. Both Bell and Kanell have been wishing and predicting Tiger success at certain majors and tourneys throughout the year, but they're thrilled that Woods waited until the Tour Championship to finally capture that first win in five years. They also look ahead to Tiger's shot at surpassing Sam Snead's PGA Tour wins record -- and Jack Nicklaus' major record of 18.

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