Ben Crane goes through his unique stretching routine. PGA Tour Live

Few things are more important to a golfer than their routine.

Every PGA Tour pro has a routine for everything at the golf course. There's a pre-shot routine, a putting routine and, of course, a warmup routine.

For most, that involves some stretching to limber up before some practice shots, chips and putts. The most famous stretching routine in golf is Miguel Angel Jimenez's mesmerizing routine as he works a cigar. With Jimenez off to the PGA Tour Champions there's a bit of a void on PGA Tour driving ranges of strange warmups to watch.

Ben Crane is here to help with this with his new routine to loosen up his back.

Crane elaborated after his round on why he does this, explaining that it's all part of his efforts to get his spine loosened up before he starts taking swings.

If it works it works, and it's nice to have another unique stretching approach out on the PGA Tour for us to marvel at.