Some are saying Sebastian Munoz's tee shot on No. 18 at the 2021 PGA Championship was trash. That's because, if we're getting technical here, that's exactly how it wound up. Munoz's tee shot faded wayward left of the fairway near the grandstand, but before his ball reached there, it dropped right into a tiny trash can with a green liner.

Fans in the area quickly realized what happened, and one in particular raced up to the trash can to confirm Munoz had indeed blasted his ball into a literal pile of rubbish. Comedy quickly ensued. As Munoz approached and learned of where his ball ended up, an ESPN camera picked up his six-word response: "Do I have to get it?" 

Munoz's shot trajectory follows the line of several other golfers from Thursday, including Brooks Koepka and Keegan Bradley. If your ball finds the grandstand, it's a free drop. So essentially, the grandstands are acting like a backstop for support if you miss left.

Since Munoz's ball found a garbage bag, he also got a free drop.

"It's definitely comforting that it's there. It's the right side of the hole, the bunkers are so dead over there," Bradley said post-round. "I wasn't trying to hit it in there by any means, but definitely from that up tee, it's in play. I feel bad for all those people up there. They'd better have their hard hats on today. They're going to be firing them in there all day."

Munoz took advantage of his free drop as did Bradley by saving par on the hole.