I blame My Golf Spy. Really I do. There is no more rabid subset of sports fans than those interested in golf equipment, so when My Golf Spy wrote a recent recommendation comparing Costco's Kirkland Signature Tour Performance ball to Titleist's Pro-V1s, the groundswell was set into action.

My Golf Spy ran multiple tests and determined that, based on their findings, the cheap Costco ball ($15 per dozen) actually performed better in some categories (most categories!) than the expensive Pro-V1 ($48 per dozen). This seems preposterous, but it's actually true. Look at the data.

Costco can't keep the balls in stock either, which is why they're going for absurd prices on eBay.

Here is Michael Chwasky of Golf.com on the phenomenon.

Costco has been reluctant to discuss the balls and why they can't keep them in stock. When reached by GOLF.com Wednesday, a Costco media relations representative said the company "cannot comment on the Kirkland Signature golf ball at this time." There is a note on the Costco site from company president and CEO Craig Jelinek that reads, "All Kirkland Signature products must be equal to or better than the national brands and must offer a savings to our members."

So this whole thing seems somewhat odd (and maybe a little off). Golfers are notoriously fanatical about equipment specifications, and there is a reason Titleist is the No. 1 golf ball in the world. Is a Costco golf ball really going to usurp that? Maybe. But I'm interested to see which direction this story goes in the near future after the madness of the holidays.

There is a reason Titleist -- and not Kirkland Signature -- is played by Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler and Adam Scott (aside from them all being paid, of course). Now, if you're talking about low-level amateurs (raises hand), then I get the cost-saving route, but it feels like there is more to this story than meets the eye.