Angered by Kevin Durant’s decision to sign with the Warriors last summer, Oklahoma City Thunder fans were absolutely ruthless during his return on Saturday, calling him a cupcake and loudly booing every time he touched the ball. Their jeers had little to no effect on Durant as he continued to torch his former team, scoring 34 points and leading the Warriors to a 130-114 blowout victory over his former team.

Although Durant wasn’t affected by the jeers and heckles of Thunder fans, his teammate Draymond Green did get into it with one especially rowdy Oklahoma City fan. During a break in play during the third quarter that resulted after Durant and Andre Roberson butted heads in a heated on-court moment, Green got into it with a Thunder fan that was sitting behind the Warriors bench.

Green engaged the fan because, according to the Warriors All-Star, he was being extremely disrespectful throughout the entire game and he touched a nerve with some choice words.

From the Mercury News’ Anthony Slater:

“That guy was disrespectful to us the entire night,” Green said. “Cheer. Heckle. Heckle all you want. But don’t be disrespectful. Calling guys p-words and all this stuff: ‘Get over there, little boy.’ He was disrespectful the entire night...This ain’t the ancient times. Slave days are over.”

The fan -- Big Rich Taylor, the same guy who went viral when he taped himself planting a ‘For Sale: Coward’ sign outside Durant’s house on July 4 and tossing jerseys on his front porch -- pointed at Durant and yelled as the rest of the Warriors surrounded. Andre Iguodala yelled at the guy. JaVale McGee said a couple words. Steve Kerr stepped in to diffuse the situation, telling the fan to calm down: “You’ve been on him all night.”

“Lot of that stuff tonight,” Kerr said. “Lot of people behind the bench. Second half it seemed to pick up. Maybe a little halftime boost.”

Strong words by Green but also unsurprisingly as he always speaks his mind and has been extremely supportive of Durant all season.