Things just went very dark in the City of Philadelphia, after fans were forced to watch their most hated rival dismantle the Eagles on a national stage in Week 7. It was only a few days prior to the contest when head coach Doug Pederson essentially guaranteed they'd leave AT&T Stadium with a win and first place in the NFC East, before walking back his words as nothing but confidence in his team.

Whatever he might've viewed them as is irrelevant, because they lit a fire under the Dallas Cowboys that led to defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence telling him to "shut his a-- up" and reminding him it's the players who have to step on the field and make good on his words. One such player was quarterback Carson Wentz, but thanks to Lawrence and Co., the former first-round pick struggled most of the evening and was a key reason the Eagles were eviscerated in the 37-10 loss that knocked them into second place in the division.

Fans of Wentz are seemingly fed up with his inconsistent play, and went so far as setting his jersey ablaze on Sunday night.

The tweet, video and account itself have been deleted following social media backlash, but the accompanying fury aimed at Wentz remains in the atmosphere. The fourth-year QB was sacked a total of three times and threw for just 191 yards on 16 for 26 passing, garnering just one touchdown but matching it with an interception to safety Xavier Woods

On a day when the Eagles could not establish the run, they needed Wentz to perform at an MVP-caliber level to at least keep pace with the offensive onslaught led by Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliott, but it was not to be. His lone touchdown came on a drive that would've likely ended in the shadow of their own end zone, if not for a roughing the passer call against linebacker Jaylon Smith and an unnecessary roughness penalty by Woods that helped the Eagles offense advance the ball -- leading to an eventual touchdown toss from Wentz to tight end Dallas Goedert

It's the third game of the season wherein Wentz threw for fewer than 200 yards, and the Eagles are now on a two-game losing streak and head to face the 5-1 Buffalo Bills in Week 8. Their path gets no easier going forward, but what truly stings fans of Wentz has been his inability to defeat the hated Cowboys on a regular basis.

His career record against Dallas is 2-4, while Prescott's is 4-2 against Philadelphia. Considering the latter is the fourth-round pick and the former is a second-overall selection, you could understand the displeasure from those who love the Eagles. The Cowboys have now won four straight in the series, and were on fire when they needed it most in Week 7. 

Afterward, so was Wentz's jersey.