The Hall of Fame Game marks the beginning of the NFL preseason, so it's an incredibly exciting time for football fans just craving some football action. They tune in, get a look at their teams, and then look for something else to distract them for the second half. 

However, Bears superfan Ashton Kutcher is more than ready for the preseason to start. The Bears face the Ravens in Canton at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium on Thursday, and Kutcher has been preparing himself since Wednesday morning.

The Cedar Rapids, Iowa, native even threw it back to the 1985 season when the Bears won the Super Bowl with the hat.

Kutcher, mind you, posted this at 7:17 a.m. on Wednesday morning, so he's been ambling around for well over 24 hours dressed up like a Chicago Bears coach. He did, however, provide fans with an update on Thursday, including a more recent hat that furthers the notion he should be strolling the sidelines in Canton.

He swapped out the polo for a t-shirt, but this was at 7:03 in the morning, so we're getting an idea of Kutcher's morning routine at least.

You've got to respect that the man is excited, and he should be. Football is back, kind of. But it'll be nice to watch in-game action again, and the Hall of Fame Game has some interesting angles to offer, like the debut of rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson for the Ravens. 

The Bears, meanwhile, have some lofty expectations for this season with an offense that features the addition of Allen Robinson and a new coach in Matt Nagy. Although this game will only be an inkling, if quarterback Mitchell Trubisky plays well in his limited action, it could be a sign of things to come for Chicago.