One month after pulling off the most stunning win in Super Bowl history, it looks like Tom Brady still hasn’t gotten tired of reliving the moment. 

If you follow the quarterback on Facebook or Instagram, you may have noticed that he posts something about the Super Bowl at least once a week, which makes sense, because you’d be posting pictures at least once per week, too, if you brought your team back from a 28-3 second-half deficit for a wild 34-28 overtime win on football’s biggest stage. 

This week, Brady didn’t share a picture or video from the game, but he did share a previously unseen video that took place after the game between him and his children. 

The best part of the video is the pure joy that you see on Brady’s face as he walks down to greet his kids for the first time after the win. 

Tom Brady was excited to see his children after the Patriots’ wild Super Bowl win.  Instagram/TomBrady

As he’s walking down the podium, his daughter adorably screams, “DADDY!”

Brady then asks his son if he thought the Patriots were going to win, and the best part is that his son shakes his head, “No.” 

You can see the entire video below. 


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At this point, it’s probably safe to say that Brady will likely be sharing Super Bowl clips on social media every week for the rest of his life.