Patrick Mahomes didn't invent the no-look pass, but he did make it famous, so when he says someone might have just thrown the best no-look pass of all-time, we should probably listen and that's exactly what he said on Saturday night after Ryan Fitzpatrick threw one of the most miraculous passes of the 2020 season during Miami's 26-25 win over Las Vegas

In one of the craziest games of the year, the Dolphins found themselves trailing the Raiders 25-23 with just 19 seconds left. With the Dolphins sitting at their own 25-yard line and holding no timeouts, they knew they were going to need a miracle to win and that's what Fitzpatrick gave them.  

With the game on the line, Fitzpatrick took a shotgun snap, stepped up into a crowded pocket and then heaved a ball more than 30 yards downfield and the crazy part is that he was able to make the throw despite almost having his head ripped off by Raiders defender Arden Key

Despite the egregious facemask penalty, Fitzpatrick was still able to complete a 34-yard pass to Mack Hollins

Although Mahomes didn't see the play live, he did catch a highlight of it and here was his reaction: 

If Mahomes has anointed it as the best no-look pass of all-time, then it's probably the best no-look pass of all-time. 

I'm guessing Mahomes added the laughing emojis because of how all of this happened: Fitzpatrick definitely didn't want to throw a no-look pass, but he had no choice after Key grabbed his facemask. 

To fully appreciate Fitzpatrick's throw, all you have to do is check out how badly is neck was bent as he started the process of throwing the ball. 

Here's a view from the front that almost makes the throw even better. 

The 34-yard completion plus the 15-yard facemask penalty ended up giving the Dolphins the ball at the Raiders' 26-yard line, which allowed Jason Sanders to kick a game-winning field goal from 44 yards away with just one second left. 

After the game, Fitzpatrick admitted he had no idea where the ball was headed. 

"When I threw it, I didn't see it," Fitzpatrick told the NFL Network following the win, via the Washington Post. "As you saw, my facemask got basically ripped off. I didn't know he caught it. And everybody on the sideline was all excited. ... It was pretty incredible."

Even Tua Tagovailoa, who got benched in the fourth quarter, went wild after the completion. 

Despite Fitzpatrick's heroics and despite the fact that he threw for more yards  in one quarter of action (182) than Tua did in three quarters (94), Dolphins coach Brian Flores has insisted that's he's going to stick with Tua as the team's starter for their Week 17 game against Buffalo. 

"If we got to go to a relief pitcher in the ninth [inning], that's what we'll do," Flores said, via ESPN. "Fitz, he's always ready to go. … I have a lot of confidence in Tua. He's made a lot of plays for us. He's made plays today. We just felt like we needed a spark. Fitzy gave us that."

Fitzpatrick led the Dolphins to 13 points over the final 4:01 of the game, which allowed Miami to steal the win and keep its playoff hopes alive. The Dolphins currently control their own postseason fate and they can lock up a playoff berth in Week 17 if they beat the Bills