As most of America hustled to beat the tax deadline on Monday, the Seahawks had their own deadline to beat with Russell Wilson, and that's exactly what they did as the two sides finally agreed to terms on a contract extension. 

News of the deal came from Wilson, who almost certainly became the first player in NFL history to announce his own extension while lying in bed with his wife. 

"Hey Seattle, we got a deal," Wilson said. "Go Hawks. I'm going to see you all in the morning. Time for you all to go to bed."

Wilson's message was mostly directed at the thousands of Seahawks fans who stayed up until midnight PT to see if the Seahawks would be able to meet Wilson's deadline for a new deal. 

According to, Wilson's extension is a four-year deal that will add $140 million in new money to his contract. The deal also includes an NFL-record $65 million signing bonus. According to, a total of $107 million is guaranteed

The drama between the Seahawks and their star quarterback went down to the wire on Monday with negotiations going on until after midnight Pacific Time, with the quarterback officially announcing his deal at 12:44 am PT. 

Wilson had set a deadline of April 15 for getting a deal done, and if the Seahawks didn't meet it, he was going to cut off all negotiations with the team. However, thanks Wilson's agent Mark Rodgers -- who flew into Seattle on Friday -- the deal did get done, and Wilson is now one contract closer to becoming a Seahawk for life.  

The new deal will keep the 30-year-old in Seattle through the 2023 season. Before the extension got done, Wilson's contract had been set to expire following the 2019 season.

The new deal makes Wilson the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history based on multiple different metrics. The amount of guaranteed money in Wilson's deal tops the previous record, which was set by Matt Ryan ($94.5 million), who signed an extension with the Falcons in May. The average annual value of Wilson's extension is also a record ($35 million), putting him ahead of Aaron Rodgers, who signed a contract worth $33.5 million per year in August. Wilson's signing bonus of $65 million also topped Rodgers' previous record of $57.5 million. 

Wilson's new deal ends an offseason of drama for both sides. Despite the fact that Wilson has been one of the most proficient quarterbacks in NFL history over the first seven years of his career, the Seahawks had seemingly been dragging their feet in negotiations. As recently as the combine, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll admitted that negotiations hadn't even really started.

By mid-March, things had gotten eerily quiet on the negotiation front, and that's where things stayed until Wilson decided to make an appearance on the "Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon." During an interview with Fallon, Wilson raised some eyebrows by addressing trade rumors and pointing out that he should probably be the highest-paid quarterback in the league. 

Two weeks after that appearance, Wilson imposed his April 15 deadline for getting a deal done. After watching the Seahawks part ways with star players like Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett -- rather than give them new contracts -- Wilson probably just wanted to know for sure that the Seahawks were planning to keep him and pay him what he's worth. 

Wilson is one of the few quarterbacks in the NFL who's worth every penny he's about to be paid. Since being selected in the third round of the NFL Draft in 2012, Wilson has led the Seahawks to one Super Bowl win and two Super Bowl appearances. The quarterback has also led Seattle to the playoffs six times in seven years. 

The most impressive thing about Wilson is that he's put up some ridiculously good numbers despite the fact that he's played most of his career behind a patchwork offensive line. Wilson's career passer rating of 100.3 is second in NFL history and he's been that good even though he's been sacked 40 or more times in each of the past six seasons. Since 2013, Wilson has been sacked a total of 266 times while no other quarterback in the league has even been sacked 240 times. 

Basically, Wilson has been leading the Seahawks to the playoffs every year despite the fact that he's been taking a beating. 

With the deal between the two sides now done, the Seahawks have their franchise quarterback locked up for the foreseeable future and we likely won't hear any more rumors linking Wilson to the Giants, even if that's where Ciara apparently wanted her husband to play. 

This deal marked the second time in four years that Wilson and the Seahawks have put fans in Seattle through an emotional ringer. The two sides actually have a history of getting things done at the last season: Back in 2015, Wilson told the team he would only sign an extension if the deal got done by July 31, and just like this year, things went down to the last minute, with the deal getting done on July 31.