The NHL revealed the details of Phase 2 of the 2020 NHL Lottery on Tuesday. Set to take place on August 10 at 6 p.m., the team order of the lottery will be revealed at  the even. It will take place at the league's studio in Secaucus, N.J and no fans will be present due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The eight teams from the Stanley Cup Qualifiers that do not advance will be in the running to be selected first overall in Phase 2, with each team having the same odds at 12.5%. The teams will be represented by one ball each. After the team with the No. 1 pick is selected, the seven not chosen will be assigned draft positions 9 through 15 in inverse order of their point percentages.

During Phase 1of the NHL Draft Lottery, "Team E" won the First Draw, despite only a 2.5% chance of being picked. Team E is a placeholder for one of the eight teams still in play, and held the No. 12 position during Phase 1.

Phase 2 would only occur if one of the teams still in play was selected. The June 26 event also determined the next two selections, which went to the Los Angeles Kings at No. 2 and the Ottawa Senators at No. 3, thanks to a previous trade with the San Jose Sharks.

Here's a look at the First Round first 15 positions:

1. TBD, determined by Phase 2

2. Los Angeles Kings

3. Ottawa Senators (from San Jose)

4. Detroit Red Wings

5. Ottawa Senators

6. Anaheim Ducks

7. New Jersey Devils

8. Buffalo Sabres

9. TBD, determined by Phase 2

10. TBD, determined by Phase 2

11. TBD, determined by Phase 2

12. TBD, determined by Phase 2

13. TBD, determined by Phase 2

14. TBD, determined by Phase 2

15. TBD, determined by Phase 2

The results of the rest of the Stanley Cup Playoffs will determine selections 16-31.