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Sometimes growth happens when you take a gamble, and that's exactly what Jeff Walz is suggesting for women's basketball. The Louisville coach said he believes sports betting would be a good way to lure more casual sports fans.

"Some like, some don't, but I think the more Vegas keeps putting lines on our games, the better," Walz said ahead of the 2023 ACC Basketball Tipoff, per USA Today. "You want casual viewers. We have the women's basketball fans – it's, can we get the casual sports viewer? Can we get somebody that's going to flip on the TV and see a women's basketball game and stay on? … I think Vegas helps with that."

There is no doubt interest in women's basketball, and women's sports overall, is growing. The 2023 women's NCAA tournament championship between LSU and Iowa drew a record-high peak of 12.6 million viewers, but a lot of work remains: The men's title game between UConn and San Diego State drew an average of 14.69 million viewers, and that was a record low.

Sportsbooks list odds for women's basketball games, but they are not as consistent as the men's basketball or football odds. Walz argues this is important because it will give people a reason to watch even when they expect a blowout.

"When all of a sudden there's lines on games, there's interest. Back when we played UConn in the Final Four [in 2013], they're beating everybody by 30," Walz said. "But if you're in Vegas and you've got UConn -32, it's a two-point game, man. We got to get a stop and score.

"Obviously, our kids aren't gambling, we're not gambling a stamp – but I'm not stupid to [not recognize that] this is good for our game. The interest picks up."