In the co-main event of WWE Survivor Series on Sunday night, we were treated to a women's matchup that for the longest time we all assumed was being reserved for WrestleMania in April: Raw women's champion Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair. Due to the untimely injury suffered to Rousey's originally-scheduled opponent, SmackDown women's champion Becky Lynch, Flair was chosen by Lynch herself as the replacement. The two women on Sunday night had what many will consider a great bout, but the wildly-unclean finish is what will have everyone talking come Monday morning. 

The bout never saw a definitive finish because Flair snapped, cracking Rousey with a kendo stick shot on the outside which resulted in a disqualification. The uncalled for violence did not end there, however, as Flair went on a violent rampage that left an already bloodied Rousey at her mercy. It was a beating that included a Natural Selection onto a chair as well as attempting to break the neck of the former UFC star while she was wrapped in that same seat. 

It wasn't the finish that most were expecting heading into Sunday night, but without a doubt it'll be the most notable coming out of Survivor Series. Some pro wrestling finishes are best when you are left with more questions than answers as you exit the match, and that's exactly what we got here with Rousey and Flair. 

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