The Ric Flair '30 for 30' is coming to a screen near you.  Getty Images

WOOOOOO! ESPN dropped a trailer Friday for Nature Boy, the next installment of their acclaimed "30 for 30" series. The documentary will cover the life of World Wrestling Federation -- now called World Wrestling Entertainment -- star Ric Flair, just one of many larger-than-life personas that were featured in the wrestling world.

Flair got the nickname "Nature Boy" after a plane crash forced him to change his fighting style drastically. A power wrestler early in his career, the crash broke his back in three places and he was told he couldn't wrestle again at age 26. Flair, naturally, didn't heed this, and his finessing fighting style earned him his epic moniker.

The trailer paints a sobering picture of the superstar, and appears to tell the story of a man that was living two lives. Flair's friends all seem to view the Ric Flair persona as an addiction of Flair's, something that's reinforced by Flair himself calling it a "disease" at the end of the trailer.

The 30 for 30 can be viewed on ESPN on Nov. 7 and, as with all 30 for 30 specials, it's probably best to go in expecting to get emotional.