Sean Waltman, the former WWE superstar best known as X-Pac and the 1-2-3 Kid, was arrested Saturday at Los Angeles International Airport with methamphetamine and marijuana in his possession. 

According to a police report obtained by USA Today, Waltman was arrested by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents on felony suspicion of possession of illegal drugs with the intent to sell, along with an outstanding DUI warrant. 

Waltman, 44, who last appeared for WWE during a run-in at WrestleMania 31 in 2015, posted $35,000 bond and was released on Sunday. He was stopped by agents on the jetway after a K-9 alerted that his luggage could contain narcotics. 

After searching his bags, officers found three cannabis chocolate bars, two THC liquid cigarettes, 38 meth capsules and 23 meth. Waltman is due to appear in Los Angeles Municipal Court on May 25. 

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Waltman was bound for London where he was set to perform for Impact Pro Wrestling on Sunday in a six-man tag team match but never showed following his arrest. IPW posted Saturday on its Facebook page: "We wish Sean well and hope he is safe. Sometimes you do everything you can but it's completely out of our hands." 

A former member of the great DeGeneration X and nWo factions in the 1990s, Waltman has been open publicly about his battle with substance abuse over the years. In recent weeks, he posted pictures of himself on his social media accounts, saying he was in the best shape physically of his life. 

On Monday, Waltman appeared on "The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro" to explain his side of the story. 

"I wasn't using anything," Waltman said. "Even my closest friends, I understand if they doubt me. At least in the back of their minds. I get it."

Waltman said he received messages from close friends looking out for his safety, including former Kliq members Triple H, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels. 

"They're all people I really have a lot of love for," Waltman said.