As the build continues to the WrestleKingdom 12 card set for Jan. 4, 2018,  at the Tokyo Dome -- the event is New Japan Pro-Wrestling's answer to WrestleMania -- the prevailing storyline has surrounded Chris Jericho break from WWE. 

Jericho will face IWGP United States champion Kenny Omega, arguably the best wrestler in the world, in a co-main event "dream match" few thought was possible before Jericho's surprise announcement in November. 

The 47-year-old Jericho, whose part-time WWE contract had expired, revealed last week that -- out of respect -- he reached out to WWE chairman Vince McMahon after signing the deal with its chief competitor and received a supportive response. 

Jericho received the same on Tuesday from WWE executive vice president and former rival Paul "Triple H" Levesque during an appearance on the CBS Sports "In This Corner Podcast."

"I think it's great. Good for Chris," Levesque said. "It's phenomenal. Good for Kenny, good for New Japan. We were aware. That was a conversation that was had."

Jericho credited McMahon's favorable reaction with the trust they have built in recent years and has largely maintained that his NJPW appearance will be a one-off, stating that McMahon is his "boss for life" and he will always be associated with WWE.

"It's great, it's good for him," Levesque added. "Chris is one of the greatest talents in the history of the business, so I think it's great. Good product is good product. I'm happy for them, happy for Chris and happy for everybody."

Jericho added an incredible amount of juice to the match's build on Sunday when he made a surprise appearance at the NJPW World Tag League Finals in Fukuoka, Japan, and busted Omega open following a brutal attack. 

Omega returned the favor the following day at a WrestleKingdom press conference when he jumped Jericho before eventually getting a table thrown at him. 

Will this match with Omega be a one-off for Jericho outside WWE or will he continue wrestling in New Japan and elsewhere? Only time will tell.