CM Punk appeared on WWE television Tuesday night and announced that fans will be seeing plenty of him going forward. In the final moments of the second regularly-scheduled episode of "WWE Backstage," a studio show that airs weekly at 11 p.m. ET on FS1, CM Punk showed up and announced that he has joined the program.

"It's as simple as this. Just when they think they have the answers, I change the culture. I'll see you here next week," said CM Punk, who made his way to the set with his "Cult of Personality" entrance music.

WWE quickly confirmed that CM Punk, a former five-time heavyweight champion who has been away for the company for six years, will be "appearing periodically on the show beginning next Tuesday night." His contributor role will be alongside host Renee Young and analysts Booker T and Paige. Christian also serves as a contributor.

It should be noted that, in joining the show, CM Punk is likely an employee of FOX and not WWE directly. Still, it is a program based solely around WWE storylines featuring the company's talent.

CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks) left WWE less than amicably in 2014, claiming he was done with wrestling in large part due to how he was treated with the company. During a podcast a few months later, he accused one of WWE's doctors of medical malpractice, and CM Punk later faced a defamation lawsuit about those comments.

Though he maintains he is done with wrestling, CM Punk has been dipping his toe into the water as of late. He recently made a secret, masked appearance at an independent show and held a special interview show at a wrestling convention where he spoke about his career and the current business.

In his time away from WWE, CM Punk has remained connected to combat sports. He fought twice for UFC (0-2) and is presently a commentator for Cage Fury Fighting Championships. He has also appeared in a number of films and written some comic books.

Asked about considering a return to action inside the squared circle, CM Punk has denied interest in doing so unless paid a steep sum, one that seems beyond even what WWE would consider offering. However, he did previously admit he was interested in joining "WWE Backstage," and he reportedly screen tested for the role a few weeks ago.