WWE on Friday confirmed a report that the WWE Network would no longer present its 20-minute studio talk show "Talking Smack" following "SmackDown Live" on Tuesday nights. The program, which provided a forum for WWE superstars to expand their characters and entertain the audience without the constraints of the squared circle or a regimented backstage interview segment, was acclaimed by fans for its somewhat-unscripted conversations and simply being different from the rest of the product.

This move, which was first reported by PWInsider.com, comes months after WWE stopped regularly showing a similar program, "Raw Talk," which aired on WWE Network every Monday. The primary differences between the programs were the quality of co-host, ability of the guest wrestlers and the fact that "Raw Talk" came after a three-hour live show compared to "Talking Smack" airing with a one-hour break after a two-hour SmackDown.

In a statement to PWInsider.com, WWE said it chose to change its plans for the show "based on a variety of factors, including viewership and subscriber research." It will continue airing "Raw Talk" and "Talking Smack" as recap shows following each brand's respective pay-per-views.

That leaves WWE with just one weekly live show on its network, "205 Live," which airs immediately after SmackDown and features WWE's cruiserweight competitors. WWE also airs two live pay-per-views a month and occasional live specials. "NXT," the weekly show featuring WWE's developmental wrestlers, is taped often weeks in advance.

WWE fans can be fickle, and they were not happy to learn of the development with "Talking Smack." While they can often overreact to simple storyline changes, in this case they have a legitimate gripe as the show was one of the more unique successes WWE's had since starting its network.

While cost is not believed to be a factor in this decision, WWE has been trying to save some money as of late. The company has removed pyrotechnics from its shows and halted creating specialized sets for all of its pay-per-view events.

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