The global coronavirus pandemic has impacted every aspect of day-to-day life around the world, but it has also made for an interesting time to be WWE 24/7 champion. After all, social distancing keeps current champion Rob Gronkowski virtually safe from the sneak attacks that have consistently plagued former titleholders.

Now, with Gronkowski set to return to the NFL after a year in retirement, WWE is reminding the reigning champion that his title is always on the line ... even during games.

Gronkowski won the 24/7 title at WrestleMania 36 while he was serving as the guest host for the two-night event. Gronk pinned longtime buddy Mojo Rawley in the midst of a wild scrum in which multiple wrestlers were trying to pin Rawley. He has not returned to WWE programming since winning the title. One night prior, Rawley had stopped Gronkowski from pinning then-champion R-Truth, stealing the moment and the title for himself.

On Tuesday, Gronkowski shocked the sports world by returning to the NFL after taking the 2019 season off. He was traded from the New England Patriots to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he will join former teammate and six-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady.

The news likely ends any possibility of an actual program leading to a true pro wrestling match for Gronkowski as he prepares for another NFL season, as he's said in the past that he wanted to compete in "one crazy match" inside a WWE ring.