When WWE superstar Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, announced that he was running for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, of course the decision was met with skepticism. Professional wrestlers, especially ones with a television gimmick the likes of Kane, aren't seen by a lot of professional wrestling outsiders as intelligent individuals capable of pulling off political victories. 

Well, Jacobs may have offered up a dose of reality for those naysayers. As of Tuesday night, the storyline brother of The Undertaker appears as though he will win the primary election for Knox County mayor. 

Despite the proclamation of victory from Jacobs and his campaign manager here, it's expected that official results on the election will not be in until next Thursday. Should these results hold, though, one should expect Jacobs to cruise in the final race and become mayor considering there were more than five times as many Republicans voting than Democrats in Knox County.

Jacobs announced his intentions to run for this office last year and has been hitting the campaign trail vigorously while still making sporadic appearances for WWE.