Mike Tyson has joined much of the sporting media in thinking that Conor McGregor against Floyd Mayweather is not a tremendous idea from a boxing standpoint. However, the former heavyweight champ does not think the fight would ruin boxing. 

Tyson, speaking on Sirius XM, said that McGregor would "look really ridiculous" if he tried to seriously box against Mayweather.

"No, I don't believe it can ruin boxing at all. Only way it can ruin boxing is if McGregor goes and boxes Floyd because he's going to look really ridiculous boxing him," Tyson said. "But if he goes in there with the UFC stuff, now this could be pretty interesting."

The hosts of the show noted that it will be a boxing match, not a mixed martial arts contest, and Tyson affirmed his answer.

"[McGregor] doesn't win in a boxing match."

Tyson is probably right, but at the same time, much of the country (and world) is anticipating seeing this fight actually happen this year. If it does still remains to be seen, but Tyson knows as well as anybody that fighting sells, no matter what.

"People will pay for anything," Tyson said.

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