Update: As expected, Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield has issued an apology for grabbing his crotch and dropping some f-bombs against Kansas. It just happened sooner than Monday. 

Speaking with reporters, Mayfield walked back his demeanor, citing what the children might think if they saw it. 

Mayfield also took to his Twitter account to apologize. 

Original story

Baker Mayfield is likely to issue another apology on Monday. This time, he'll be showing contrition for a crotch grab and some naughty language caught on camera during No. 4 Oklahoma's game against Kansas on Saturday.

Mayfield threw a touchdown in the third quarter to give the Sooners a 28-3 lead over the Jayhawks, and as cameras followed him to the sideline, they found him delivering a rather clear message to the Kansas bench.


Now, while I'm not exactly bothered by this -- I think of the things I said to friends while playing basketball or even just video games and realize I have no ground to stand on here -- plenty of people will be, and it's a bad look. Particularly given Mayfield's arrest over the offseason and that whole flag-planting incident following Oklahoma's victory against Ohio State.

I'm still mad about that one, by the way.

The problem for Mayfield is that, at this point, he's a clear front-runner for the Heisman Trophy, and whether you agree with the reasoning, this is just an incident that will give voters a reason to think about not voting for him.

All that said, I'll take a quarterback with Mayfield's competitive streak on my team every dang day of the week.