Less than a year after it debuted, the free version of the Peloton app is no longer free. Originally meant to attract new customers, the free membership offered limited access to Peloton app features like on-demand workout videos and up to three workouts per month on the exercise bike, treadmill or rower.

For new users, that same level of limited access will now cost $12.99 per month. At that price, some shoppers might be left looking for alternatives, and one of the best Peloton app alternatives is Apple Fitness+.

Keep reading for a comparison of features and price to decide which fitness app makes the most sense for you.

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What's included in the Peloton App One membership?


Formerly the free version, Peloton App One includes access to three cardio equipment classes per month on your Peloton bike, treadmill or rower. It also comes with unlimited live and on-demand strength, yoga, HIIT and more workout videos.

Beyond those live and on-demand workouts, there are a few other handy features included in the basic version of the Peloton app, like the ability to create workout schedules and add your favorite classes to it to build custom routines (or make sure you always tune in to your favorite instructor's live classes.

The app can also connect to Apple Watches and any smartwatch running Android WearOS 3 or higher. When connected, the app can access heart rate and other key metrics racked by your smartwatch to get more detailed insights into your workout performance each day.

Overall, Peloton One App still a good app for people who want convenient access to live classes that they can do from anywhere--especially if you plan on mostly doing the strength, yoga or other cardio equipment-free workouts. But you'll need to upgrade to the more expensive App+ ($24 per month) to get full access to all of its features -- like unlimited workouts on your exercise bike, treadmill or rower.

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How does Apple Fitness+ compare to Peloton App One?


At $9.99 per month, Apple Fitness+ is already cheaper than the basic membership on the Peloton app. With that, you get unlimited access to the app's library of over 5,000 workout videos from strength and HIIT training to yoga, pilates and even dance workouts.

In addition to thousands of workout videos, you can also use the app to generate custom fitness plans based on your preferences. Once you set your custom plan, the app will send you reminders to help you stick with it and automatically put that day's stack of workout videos in your queue. Just open the app and start following your custom workout routine.

For Apple Watch users, the app's seamless integration is a definite perk. While Peloton App One can connect to your Apple Watch, the features are limited compared to what you can do with Apple Fitness+ on your Apple Watch.

In addition to real-time metric tracking, you also get audio-guided workouts and the ability to pause and play workouts from your watch as needed. The app can even automatically sync with your smartwatch to track workouts and record the data in the app. Best of all, you can do all that while leaving your phone at home.

Even if you don't have an Apple Watch, there is one other major perk that makes the Apple Fitness+ app a better deal than the Peloton App One: multiple user profiles. While that new monthly fee only gets you access to one profile on Peloton App One, the Apple Fitness+ app allows you to share with up to five family members.

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Apple Fitness+ vs. Peloton One App: Which one should you get?


When choosing a fitness app, your decision will really come down to two things: cost and access to live classes. Apple Fitness+ costs less and offers almost all of the same features as the basic Peloton membership. When you factor in the ability to share the app with up to five others, the cost per person gets even lower.

But the one feature that's missing from Apple Fitness+ is access to live classes. While it has a large library of workout videos, they are all pre-recorded. New videos are added regularly so the library will always have something fresh, but you might miss that extra motivation boost of participating in a live class where you can compete in real-time with other participants to get on the leaderboard.

So if you're biggest priority in getting a fitness app is having that access to live classes, you'll need the Peloton One App. If you don't plan to participate in live classes, though, Apple Fitness+ is a better deal.

The good news is you don't have to make your final decision today. Both apps still offer a free one-month trial. We recommend you try out both apps for free to figure out which one is the better fit.

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