Whether you're looking to expand your home workout routine or you're just ready to try something different than standard dumbbells, now is a great time thanks to the massive deals on kettlebells we found on Amazon.  With deep discounts on some of the best-rated brands on the site, you can save on space-saving adjustable kettlebells, budget-friendly sets and premium individual kettlebells. 

Here are the best kettlebell deals on Amazon to upgrade your home gym and expand your workout possibilities. So slap on your best gym shoes and get ready for some goblet squats. 

Best adjustable kettlebell deal: Bowflex SelectTech 840 is 35% off


Pound for pound, the Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell is the smartest way to outfit your home gym or CrossFit space. Like CBS Sports Essentials' readers' favorite Bowflex adjustable weight, this adjustable kettlebell replaces a full set of kettlebells. It can be set between 8 and 40 pounds. 

The ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip, and the weight selection dial makes it easy use. Reviewers like that this single kettlebell takes up less space, a key feature for those working out at home.

Get the space-saving Bowflex kettlebell on Amazon for just $129 (reduced from $199).

$129 at Amazon

Get a competition kettlebell for over 30% off


Featuring a consistent size and shape across every weight, Kettlebell Kings kettlebells are the best option for anyone who wants to be able to do the same kettlebell exercises regardless of weight. 

Competition kettlebells get denser but keep all other dimensions the exact same. That makes it easier to keep targeting the same muscle groups with the same exercises as you work your way up from 30 pounds to 70 pounds.

Right now, Amazon is selling the 10-kilogram kettlebell (22 pounds) for just $100 (reduced from $144).

$100 at Amazon

Get a 3-piece kettlebell set for under $50


This set of solid cast iron kettlebells is a great way to start your home gym collection. The set includes a 5-, 10- and 15-pound kettlebell -- all nestled in a convenient storage rack that makes it easy to keep your home gym organized. These lightweight kettlebells are great for beginners who want to master their form before doing kettlebell exercises with heavier weights. 

The price is also beginner-friendly. Get the three-piece set on Amazon while it's on sale for $40 (reduced from $50). 

$40 at Amazon

Save even more on budget kettlebells: Yes4All is up to 30% off


If you're looking for the most popular kettlebells on Amazon, look no further. With over 21,000 Amazon ratings, it's clear reviewers love these 4.8-star-rated kettlebells, available in sizes ranging from 5 pounds up to 50 pounds. They're colorful and coated with vinyl so they'll be easier on your floor. (Definitely use a floor mat with these, though.) And did we mention they're the most affordable vinyl-covered kettlebells on Amazon? 

Says one satisfied Amazon reviewer: This is one of the best kettlebells I own (and I own five). It is good-looking, easy to swing, and best of all, the handle is wide enough to get a good grip. It does not have additional material around the bell that makes it bulky -- which some kettlebells do."

While these kettlebells are affordable even at full price, you can get up to 30% off select sizes at Amazon right now. Prices range from $11 for the 5-pound kettlebell up to $65 for the 50-pound kettlebell (reduced from $69). 

$11 and up

Best kettlebell for protecting your floor: Yes4All kettlebells with rubber base


For a slight upcharge of a few bucks per weight, you can upgrade to a version of the popular Yes4All kettlebell with a protective rubber base. Amazon reviewers rave that it's easier on floors. Rated 4.7 stars.

Right now, Amazon is offering deep discounts on two sizes of the floor-saving kettlebells. Get the 12-pound kettlebell for $24 (reduced from $37) or the 25-pound kettlebell for $38 (reduced from $65).

$14 and up

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