French Open Tennis Tournament. Roland-Garros 2023.
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Since Roland-Garros (aka The French Open) joined the "Open" era in 1968, tennis' elite including Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer have battled it out on the Stad Roland-Garros' famous clay courts.

Held in late May and early June each year, the tournament is also a reminder that tennis season is on for us amateurs watching from home. If your racket sat idle all winter, catching cobwebs instead of volleys, it's probably time to get a new racket.

Fortunately, Amazon is here to help.

Best selling men's tennis rackets on Amazon

What to look for in a tennis racket

Construction: For beginners, look for a larger head size which will yield more power while you work on your swing.  For intermediate to advanced players, look for a smaller head size for more control.  Likewise, a lighter racket will give you more power as a new player while a heavier racket (for intermediate to advanced players) gives more power. And new players, look for a denser string bed for more control.

Grip: Most rackets come with a choice of three to four grip sizes. Racket grip sizes are measured 0-5, with most men choosing a grip size around 4 3/8. A smaller grip size generates more spin, but if you're not sure which grip size to choose go with a smaller size. You can always add overgrip to the handle as your strength and skill level increase.

Shop the best men's tennis rackets on Amazon

This year's French Open will be held May 28 through June 11. Rafael Nadal is out and so is Nick Kyrgios. Djokovic dropped to world No. 3, while Carlos Alcaraz replaced him at No. 1. Playing like the pros starts with the right gear -- like the top-rated tennis racket picks below.

Wilson 5.3 Hyper Hammer Tennis Racquet

Wilson Hyper

This high-density racket comes strung and is a great choice for newer to intermediate players. An Amazon bestseller, reviewers liked the stability and control as well as the lightweight feel of the racket.

Wilson 5.3 Hyper Hammer Tennis Racquet, $119 

$119 on Amazon

Need a more advanced racket, but want to stick with Wilson? Check out Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 V13 Federer Autograph Tennis Racquet. A great model for beginning and intermediate players, this graphite racket weighs 12 oz. The increased weight can help with ball control, though we can't promise it'll make you swing like Federer.

Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 V13 Federer Autograph Tennis Racquet, $227 (reduced from $245)

$245 on Amazon

Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet 

Head racket

An extra long racket in length at 27.75 inches and a weight of 8 ounces, this racket best suits an intermediate level. Reviewers liked this racket's stability and ball control. It comes strung, but does not come with a head cover.

HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet, $99

$99 on Amazon

Now that you've got your Head racket in the bag, you'll need the appropriate racket cover.  We like Head's lightweight tennis racket cover, the adjustable shoulder strap means this works for players of all shapes and sizes. Game on.

HEAD Tennis Racquet Cover Bag, $21

$21 on Amazon

Wilson Clash 100 V2 Tennis Racquet

Wilson racket

This racket boasts max stability thanks to updated carbon mapping. This racket arrives unstrung, weighing 10.4 ounces. Wilson enthusiasts commented the Clash 100 is their top pick of the brand. 

WILSON Clash 100 V2 Tennis Racquet, $227 (reduced from $245)

$227 on Amazon

Do you like Wilson rackets, but want a lower price point? Reviewers enthusiastically endorsed Head's Graphene XT Radical Racket, a great racket for intermediate players. The dense center strings provide ball control and the agile rackets helps deliver precise serves your opponent won't see coming. Available in 4.25-, 4.375 and 4.5-inch grip sizes. Comes pre-strung.

HEAD Graphene XT Radical MP Tennis Racket, $99

$99 on Amazon

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Shop these big deals on men's tennis rackets on Amazon

Playing like the pros doesn't have to mean spending big. You can play a big game without talking one. We like these rackets, currently on sale on Amazon.

Babolat Pure Strike Team Tennis Racquet 

Men's racket

The Baboloat Pure Strike Team racket comes pre-strong at mid-range tension giving you sharp control.  This third-generation racket provides extra responsiveness from previous iterations. Engineered to balance stability with a sense of ball pocketing, this racket can help your game from the baseline to your serve.

Babolat Pure Strike Team Tennis Racquet, $170 (reduced from $190)

$170 on Amazon

Yonex VCore 100L Tennis Racquet


A great racquet for intermediate players, expect major spin and speed with the help of this 11.3-ounce racket. Available in four grip sizes. 

Yonex VCore 100L Tennis Racquet, $200 (reduced from $230)

$200 on Amazon

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